Biden Responds with Humor to Questions Regarding Recordings of Bribery Involvement


This week we learned there were multiple recordings of Joe Biden taking a $5,000,000 bribe from Mykola Zolochevsky (co-founder of Burisma) while he served as vice president. The FBI tried to conceal this detail from Congress.

Biden couldn’t avoid reporters who asked him about the recordings despite the attempts to protect him.

Steven Nelson, a reporter for the New York Post, questioned Biden about the audio recordings on Tuesday as he was leaving the White House East Room following an event.

Are there tapes showing that you took bribes from President Biden, or are they just rumors? Nelson asked Biden, as he walked past. He stopped and smiled and laughed, but did not respond.

In a Monday speech, Sen. Chuck Grassley revealed that the recordings were allegedly made.

“The foreign national accused of bribing Joe Biden and Hunter Biden allegedly have audio recordings[s]” of their conversation, Grassley stated. “17 recordings. […] fifteen audio recordings between him, Hunter Biden […] and two audio recordings between him and Vice President Joe Biden”. These recordings were kept, according to the report, as an insurance policy in case the foreign national got into trouble.

Biden’s silence in response to this question was telling. However, his laughter was insulting. Biden cannot laugh this off or pretend that it doesn’t happen. It is unlikely that a long-time FBI informant made this stuff up. The FBI was aware of these recordings because it had the FD-1023 Report that it initially refused to give to the House Oversight Committee.

The FBI did not show the document to the House Oversight Committee until the House Oversight Committee had threatened FBI Director Wray, threatening him with contempt. However, the recording information was redacted. It’s obvious, when you look at the facts, that the FBI is aware of the existence of the recordings.

Biden won’t be asked about the recordings for the rest of his life. Karine Jean-Pierre, the White House press secretary, was asked Tuesday about it and avoided answering.

A reporter asked: “Senator Chuck Grassley said yesterday on the Senate Floor that this foreigner on the FBI form 1023 apparently has 15 recorded discussions with Hunter Biden and claims to have had two conversations with the President,” a journalist asked. Is the White House aware that the President may have been recorded speaking with a Burisma executive?

Jean-Pierre said, “The President has spoken on this.” “I think that he shouted out a question about this during the press conference on Thursday.” “I will quote him, it’s nonsnse. ‘”

This has two major problems. First, Biden’s comment last week that preceded this latest bombshell was the first to be made public. So, she was referring to the fact that the existence of these recordings was made public for the first time on Monday. Jean-Pierre, just like Biden did not even hint that recordings could never have taken place. She simply deflected by referencing an old comment.

Biden cannot hide forever from this scandal… especially if the recordings are made public.