Biden Should be Worried About Chinese President Xi Jinping Landing in Moscow, and His Meeting With Putin


President Xi Jinping (China), arrived in Moscow Monday morning for a three-day trip to support Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. It makes sense that China would support Vladimir Putin’s war because Xi wants to do the same to Taiwan before too long.

Putin visited Russia-controlled Mariupol, a Ukrainian city that Russia destroyed during the course of its invasion of Ukraine. His visit was to celebrate the successful rebuilding of that city. This was Putin’s latest attempt to demonstrate his strength despite the long conflict.

This meeting is more than Ukraine and Taiwan. Axios points to the fact that China has not yet run into trouble with the West. However, it almost feels like a provocative meeting.

It matters: Russia’s largest global partner paid a three-day visit to the country. It’s a sign of solidarity with Russia.

China has not yet given weapons to the West or violated any Western sanctions.

It has also helped Russia to evade Western attempts at isolating it. It has significantly increased Russia’s oil imports and made Russia an important source of key inputs like microchips.

Beijing claims to be a neutral arbiter and presented last month its peace plan. State media and officials repeated Putin’s claims that NATO is to blame.

This meeting has a crucial purpose. It is a meeting between two powerful powers that want the same thing.

Now, to your average, anti-war nationalist/isolationist, that’s an okay thing. All of us should be able to live with each other. The problem is that there’s no way to return to true isolationist nationalism – we live in a global economy and our national economic strength depends on global trade. The best way to avoid armed conflict is not to get involved.

Some foreign policy experts are concerned that the world has gone from a bipolar world (U.S. and Russia in the 1980s) to a tripolar world (U.S. and Russia and China in recent years).

A nation like Russia should have the ability to defeat Ukraine easily. The U.S./Nato cannot stop them. However, the Russians were not prepared to fight this long-running, complex conflict.

China’s economy, military and political systems are built on a weak foundation. They are at best fragile. China has been known to use espionage to steal military secrets and corporate secrets in order to advance. These resulting spies are often a generation behind the latest innovations.

But, that doesn’t mean they are powerless.

While this bodes well for America it should also concern the Biden administration, which has been totally inept when dealing with foreign policy.

Biden has given much more of the Middle East to China. Biden chose to support Iran rather than our ally, Saudi Arabia. This led both countries to look towards China for stability and has allowed China to fly a spy satellite above the country. Russia will be held accountable for the invasion, and North Korea will escalate its provocations against the U.S.

The Trump administration might be seen as a joke by the rest of the world. God only knows their opinions on the Biden administration. It’s been so meek and timid when it comes to global affairs, it would have been better if it didn’t say any.

The meeting between China, Russia, and the U.S. shows that America’s decline on the international stage can be dangerous and destabilizing. It is best to avoid getting involved in conflict before Joe Biden is out of office.