Biden Skips Meetings Due to Dental Issue, Staff Worried About Eating Habits


We heard about Donald Trump’s food choices and their alleged harmful effects on his health when he was president. We reported that they had an unhealthy obsession with drinking Diet Coke.

When it comes to Joe Biden’s food choices, the media usually only mentions things like his love for ice cream, or his favorite flavor, “chocolate chip,” without any judgment.

They were forced to cover Biden’s issues on Monday because he was undergoing a two-day procedure that continued into Monday. He had canceled the few events he had planned for the day including a separate meeting with college sportsmen and NATO’s Jens Stoltenberg.

Kevin O’Connor, the presidential physician, revealed that Biden had a first-part root canal on Sunday after he “experienced some dental pain” in his lower right molar. A second procedure will be performed Monday.

The White House Dental Operator was able to conduct the President’s Dental Team, from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, to conduct an examination including x-rays. “They determined that root canal treatment was the most appropriate,” O’Connor wrote.

“An initial root canal was performed with the plan of specialized endodontic treatment in the near future. The procedure was well tolerated by the President. “There were no complications,” O’Connor said.

He is feeling more discomfort than expected this morning. “The endodontic team from Walter Reed is going to complete the root canal of the President today at the White House.”

The root canal was not revealed until Monday, just before Biden’s meeting with college athletes. Kamala Harris was forced to take charge.

Axios reported in May that there was “tension” among Biden’s inner circles about Biden eating “like a child.”

According to the report, Biden’s current and former aides said that the president enjoys orange Gatorade. His favorite foods include “peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and BLTs, pizzas, cookies, red sauce and butter spaghetti, and ice cream that he sometimes turns into a sundae,” according to the outlet.

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, was a bit snippy about Biden’s dental hygiene and the root canal when she was asked. She said that she wasn’t a dentist.

Jean-Pierre stated that the White House staff “all found out internally this morning” about the procedure of disrupting agendas.

The press secretary first laughed off questions but then became irritated when the journalist kept pressing for details.

She joked at first, “I should not get a root canal here because I would see the judgment that is coming to me.”

She then tried to shut down any questions regarding the timeline by saying, “Sir it’s a root canal.”

This is a common experience for millions of Americans. It’s not a mysterious thing. Many people experience it.

The reporters had to ask KJP questions because the White House refused to send Biden’s physician out to answer any press inquiries, even though he released a statement on the subject.

Some people were concerned about this clip from 2019 in which he appears to have false teeth on his upper jaw.

Jimmy Failla and Brian Kilmeade joked that Biden’s eating habits were indicative of someone not in charge.

It’s not his food choices, but his incoherent or false statements that bother me. The staff is unable to stop this behavior, which is very concerning for Americans.