Biden State Department Rubs Your Nose in Its Funding of Drag Shows With Your Money


We previously reported that the US State Department had donated thousands of dollars to Ecuador to support “drag shows.” This was all happening amid the flood of transgender propaganda promoted by the Biden Administration.

Biden claimed previously that such procedures were civil rights, and chastised those who seek to end child abuse under the name of transgender ideology.

It’s not surprising that the State Department spends taxpayer money on drag shows in Central American countries.

The State Department defends Ecuador’s $20,600 grant for “drag theater performances” and claims it allows LGBTQ people to “express themselves freely in South America.”

Fox News Digital reported Wednesday on the State Department’s award of the grant to Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano, a non-profit organization supported by the U.S Consulate in the Embassy in Ecuador. The grant was granted to Centro Ecuatoriano Norteamericano on September 23.

I was curious to find out when the State Department became a mission of infusing itself into other cultures. However, taxpayer money isn’t being used to improve relations between Ecuador and the USA, but to promote far-left cultural narratives.

Ask yourself this. If their decision to do so is really about lowering the chances of danger and discrimination, why isn’t the State Department funding churches in nations where Christians are being persecuted? What is it about men wanting to dress up as women that demand such special attention and use of finite resources?

We know the answer. This will not only help people but also consolidates power.

You’re only embarrassed. The administration of Biden will make you feel helpless against their madness and push you to exhaustion.

You should not be stopped by them. It takes only enough Americans to demand this end.