Biden Uses Gun Control Announcement To Renew False Claim


    Monday’s address by President Joe Biden was focused on his new rules regarding so-called ghost guns. He also reiterated his false claim that the early Americans couldn’t buy a cannon.

    Breitbart News reported that on Monday the White House had released a Fact Sheet in preparation for Biden’s speech.

    The Fact Sheet outlined new rules that require Federal Firearms Licens holders (FFLs), to add serial numbers for any unserialized firearm they take into their possession.

    Federally licensed gunsmiths and dealers must take any unsold firearm into inventory in order to serialize it. If an individual builds a firearm at his home, and then sells it off to a pawnbroker or other federally licensed dealer for a commission, the dealer must place a serial number on that weapon before selling it to a customer. This applies regardless of the way that the firearm was constructed. It includes ghost guns made with individual parts, kits or 3D-printed.

    Biden spoke about the Fact Sheet information and then reiterated his call for an “assault weapons ban” and universal background checks.

    Biden announced so-called “ghost guns” controls and pushed for other gun control measures. He said: “By the Way — It’s Going to Sound Bizarre — I Support the Second Amendment.”

    He said, “But the Second Amendment did not say that you could own any gun, no matter how big, from the beginning.” The Second Amendment was passed, so you couldn’t buy cannons.

    Biden repeatedly claimed that early Americans couldn’t buy cannons, and these claims have been repeatedly disproven.

    Breitbart News conducted a Fact Check on Biden’s claim that the early Americans couldn’t buy a cannon on February 3, 2022. The claim was found to be false.

    PolitiFact had done a Fact Check years earlier on Biden’s claim, and found it false in 2020.

    The Washington Post awarded Biden four Pinocchios in recognition of his claim that the Second Amendment prohibited the purchase cannons. The claim was labeled “false” by the Post.