Biden Wants To Replace Border Detention Centers With House Arrest


    Joe Biden continues to import illegal immigrants into the United States. He wants funds to place migrants crossing border lines under “house arrest” as well as provide them with taxpayer-funded lawyers to fight deportation.

    This will reduce the number of detention centers, while the illegal population will grow within the U.S. It will also provide a roadmap for relatives and other people who want to enter the U.S.

    According to the San Antonio Express News, the protocol could include ankle bracelets or phone apps that would allow them to keep track of the thousands or thousands of people who are being deported from the country. Biden’s budget proposal for 2023, $5.8 trillion, contains the provision.

    President Trump’s budget proposes to cut thousands of immigrant detention beds — and close down two Texas family detention centers — while spending $75 millions more on alternative programs such as phone check-ins and ankle bracelets monitoring migrants. According to budget documents, the administration believes that as many as 200 000 migrants could be enrolled into such programs by October.

    President Obama is calling for $375million to accelerate the asylum system. This includes hiring over 1,000 U.S. citizens. Citizenship and Immigration Services officers will adjudicate border claims, instead of sending them to backlogged courthouses.

    His budget request requests more than $2 billion for emergency shelters for unaccompanied minors. This is to prevent the same overcrowding at Border Patrol facilities which caused outrage last year. The budget also includes $150 million for attorneys to help migrants facing deportation or in detention. This would be the first time. These costs have never been paid by the government in the past.

    Biden’s border security policy is based on the fact that border crossers are increasing and will continue to increase under his policies. Raul Ortiz, Chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, stated that 7,000 migrants cross the border daily from Mexico. This is an increase from the 5,900 crossings in February.

    Both conservatives and people on the left are taking note.

    Jorge Loweree (American Immigration Council policy director) said, “I see it as positive evidence that significant changes are coming at the border and quite possibly very soon.”

    Lora Ries, a Heritage Foundation research fellow and former Department of Homeland Security official said that “they’re looking to catch-and-release.”