Biden: We’re Gonna Free Iran


Is Old Joe Biden signaling yet another costly project for already exhausted and overburdened American taxpayers? Already we’ve spent billions and billions of dollars to liberate Ukraine. Now, there’s another nation that needs our support. While we are busy funding all of this freedom for everyone else, who will liberate the citizens of the United States of this woken tyranny which is progressively (well that’s what progressives do — they make progress toward something good — but they’re not making any progress toward anything good) becoming more assertive, authoritarian? This is a Tuesday question. On the Thursday prior to his midterm judgment, Biden was using Iran in the same way that he used cancer: as a basis for empty promises he thought would win him votes. To the delight of Iranians all around, he said, “Don’t worry, We’re Going to Free Iran.”

NBC News reported that Biden told Rep. Mike Levin, D-More Socialism, at a MiraCosta College rally, Friday, “Don’t worry, We’re gonna Free Iran.” They will soon be free.

Joe, which one is it? Is the United States going after them or are they going to be free? The Sage of Wilmington was not about to give any explanations, even though he was as gnomic and agronomic as ever. NBC noted that the president did not elaborate on the comment nor mention any specific actions the United States might adopt. It also said that Biden’s handlers had announced that the administration would “try to remove Iran’s membership in the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women” due to its government’s stance on women’s rights and its ongoing crackdown on the protests for weeks.

Linda Thomas-Greenfield was Biden’s UN ambassador. She seemed to be more on the side of “They’re going to free themselves pretty soon” than “We’re free Iran.” She stated, “Changes in Iran should only happen within Iran. That does not mean that the world is free from the responsibility to support the Iranian people in their protests for women’s rights, freedom, and life. It’s like Barack Obama telling the CIA to not do anything in 2009 to support the Green Movement in Iran because he wanted Ayatollah Khamenei to agree to a nuke deal. This was the exact same deal that Donald Trump called the worst ever.

Robert Malley, the Iran negotiator for the Biden team, drew ire from all Iranians wanting to see the fall of the Islamic regime in Iran. He tweeted: “Marchers in Washington, and cities across the globe, are showing their support to the Iranian people, which continue to peacefully protest for their government’s respect for their dignity, and human rights.

Masih Alinejad, a courageous Iranian freedom fighter, tweeted the next day: “Time for @USEnvoyIran [that’s, Malley]” He is causing damage to the US’s standing with the Iranian people by misrepresenting Iranian rejection of the Islamic Republic. As I told @JakeSullivan46 Iran’s regime that killed #MahsaAmini and dozens of teenage girls is beyond reform.” It was obvious, however, why Malley refused to admit that Iranian protestors want an end to the Islamic Republic. Biden’s handlers continue to hope to do business in Iran with the mullahs and to conclude a new nuclear agreement with them. They would rather have the regime that constantly proclaims “Death To America” in power than the group of revolutionaries, who, at least initially, would be unknown.

While the Biden administration is aware of the “complicated” relationship it has with the Islamic Republic (Facebook might call it that), Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi replied acidly to Biden’s confusing remarks. He said that “they’re going to free Iran/they will free themselves” was “probably due to the absent-mindedness which he suffers from.” This was a surprising turn of phrase from someone who earned the nickname “The Butcher.”

It’s unlikely that the Biden administration will give up on their previous solicitude to the mullahs in order to secure a new nuclear deal. The deal will most likely reappear if the Islamic regime survives the uprising. This will be clear evidence that the White House’s sly old liar meant “we’re not going to free Iran” when he said, “we are gonna liberate Iran”.