Biden’s Backstab and Johnson’s Outrage: The Political Showdown


Mike Johnson is unflappable. He never shows signs of anger and is always positive, even when he is reprimanding antisemites in college.

If you’ve been watching him for some time, you probably know that he doesn’t show the same level of anger as you or I would we were in his shoes. When I see a headline like “Johnson slams Biden’s ‘senior moments’ on Israel aid,” it makes me stop and pay attention.

Joe Biden’s interview with Erin Burnett was covered from many angles. His comments about cutting off aid to Israel, specifically in the form of specific bombs and precision weapons, have confirmed what we suspected for a long time: Joe Biden lets his policy be dictated from Dearborn Michigan.

Remember the purpose of these weapons: to minimize civilian casualties. These weapons, which allow precision strikes, will eliminate more troop movements, engagements and civilian deaths. This also means that fewer Israelis will die in combat. The Biden Administration creates a situation in which more lives are lost by eliminating these weapons from our aid to Israel.

Joe Biden has once again been wrong about the issue. Robert Gates will tell you that this is nothing new in terms of Biden’s foreign policy. It is absurd that he does so based on political considerations and not practical ones. He believes that he can win the support of young voters for his reelection campaign if he defers on helping Israel. As if there weren’t so many other reasons to hate him. He will never win over young voters with this issue because he’s seen as complicit to Israel’s “genocide.”

This is true among young voters. Recent polls suggest that college campuses are full of students who don’t agree with the protestors, just like American cities are full of people who aren’t part of the Muslim community in Michigan who voted against him during the state’s primary.

The editors of are brutal in the morning op-ed they publish:

One line in the speech makes clear Biden’s point of view. Biden said, “Never Again” means “Never Forget.”

Biden’s decision to halt the transfer of bombs from the US to Israel, coupled with the clear threat of ceasing all further aid, not only lets Hamas out of the bag but also empowers Iran and other terror proxy groups.

Biden spoke passionately during his Holocaust commemoration speech about the importance of not allowing hatred to fester. But hatred alone would not have led to the Holocaust. Many groups have hated one another throughout history, but it has not led to the horrors of the Holocaust. The Nazis were not only hateful, but they also had a massive military force. By the time the rest of the world acted to stop them, millions of Jews had already died. Jews were left helpless and without any means of defense.

Biden’s formulation – in which “never ever again” means “never to forget” – allows us to refer back in the past tense to the horrors that occurred on October 7. If “never” means “never”, then we must support the only Jewish state of the world in its efforts against the terrorists responsible for the horrific attack.

This betrayal also brings me to the current House speaker.

Johnson stated, “And my honest reaction was: Wow, this is a complete change from what I’ve been told, even just in the last few hours.” “I mean, top officials of the administration confirmed to me 24 hours ago that his policy is very different from what he said there.” “I hope it’s not a junior moment.”

Mike Johnson, as I said at the beginning of this article, is a relatively unflappable person. It’s important to note that one of Johnson’s first quotes is that Biden has a “senior” moment.

Johnson said, “I believe that he is off script.” I don’t believe that was something the staff told him to do. I hope that it is a senior moment because this would be a major deviation from what they claim to have as their policy.

Before Biden’s CNN remarks that day, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin had confirmed withholding arms was a growing part of the Obama administration’s Israel Policy. He told a Senate committee that the administration was withholding a bomb shipment because of Israel’s planned invasion of Rafah in southern Gaza, where over 1 million Palestinians settled after attacks elsewhere on the territory.

Johnson replied, “I have to say, I do.”

It’s a guy who called a vote in Congress to remove him “just another Wednesday”. It’s a guy whose party has openly discussed his ouster. He is a Speaker who has a majority of one seat and both parties are on his tail.

Yes, he did, and through some kind of modern miracle, he managed to get enough votes on both sides to pass a package of aid that included, among others, the aid to Israel which the Biden administration now threatens to withhold. Johnson is, of course, a little irritated… at least publicly. I’m sure he feels the same rage in private as we do, if not even more, given that he put his career on the line to get the aid passed. What incentive does Johnson have to continue to act in this manner if Biden, with whom he worked to pass the aid, will treat him that way?

Some of you will scream “What did he think he would get?” That’s perfectly fair. He shouldn’t be surprised, but it is still frustrating when someone asks you to do something and then refuses to follow through for (stupid, mathematically incorrect) political reasons. The frog gets upset every time the scorpion stings it. The frog did not do this because it was stupid, but rather because it believed the scorpion’s word. The nature of the scorpion remains the antagonist in the story.