Biden’s Baffling Brewery Blunder: ‘Big Guy’ Goes Incoherent in Wisconsin Visit


Joe Biden visited Duluth in Minnesota on Thursday, to discuss the bipartisan Infrastructure Law. He also visited the Superior, Wisconsin beer factory.

When Governor Tony Evers called him “the big guy,” I’m sure it raised some eyebrows.

Hunter Biden’s laptop messages often referred to Joe Biden as “the big guy”. It’s not the best way to confirm a nickname.

I’m not certain that a brewery was the best place for Biden. I don’t even know if he tried any of the products, but his voice sounded worse than usual.

He tried to convince people of his support by mentioning the “bipartisan law on infrastructure” while tripping. He hopes to win over Wisconsin, which is a typical swing state.

Some people joke that I am a Biden “whisperer” because I have been reporting on him so long, and I can usually figure out what he is saying, even if he says it in a garbled way. This time I’m going to admit defeat. You can read the words. What about the meaning? It doesn’t make sense. Here’s more frightening stuff.

The beer is brewed here…it’s used to make the brewed beers [intelligible] Oh Earth Rider. Thank you for the Great Lakes. Biden asked, “I wonder why?”

Even though it made no sense at all, everyone laughed and appeared to think that everything was fine. How could anyone hear that and not worry about what is going on?

He continued to be confused. Professor? Predecessor? It’s the same thing.

Trump could teach him some things.

He has no idea what he is saying.

169 jobs? Has he a hatred for Wisconsin? How can you listen to this and think that this guy is fine?

Another bad sign is that he’s also screaming and shouting a lot.

When he finished, he left the stage and paused for a moment to “listen” to a barrel of beer. What a strange thing to do!

As he drove off, he heard an interesting message from passersby.

“Free Jan. 6!” A woman shouted ” referring to those defendants from Jan. 6, who are currently in prison or waiting for trial.