Biden’s Bizarre and Confusing Remarks on Extreme Weather Leave Viewers Stunned


The Democrats are still in a state of panic over Joe Biden’s disastrous performance during the debate. What’s the problem? They may want to portray it as a “one-off,” but they will have to keep Biden in the spotlight as long as he is a candidate. He’ll continue to be uncoherent and make embarrassing mistakes. This is not just concerning as a candidate, but also for him to hold the highest office.

On Tuesday they invited him to visit the D.C. Emergency Operations Center to give remarks on extreme weather.

He started with his weird little hop.

Even with a teleprompter, Biden could not keep his words straight.

I’m going to need some help with this. The phrase sounded like “graduating new employees to heat environments?” I don’t know. Unfortunately, I’m not sure he understands either. He’s reading from the teleprompter, without understanding.

How can we tell? Next, let’s listen to the one after that. He’s planning a “White House Summer on Extreme Heat.”

He had no idea what the teleprompter meant.

This piece of gibberish was next.

Hey, at least his leadership is bold and brilliant. He promises to “expand energy shortages”.

He then insulted Americans who didn’t believe in his climate change narrative. So much for him claiming to be a leader of all Americans. Here, he’s playing the Hillary Clinton “deplorables”.

He calls Americans “really stupid” if don’t agree. When you are incoherent it’s not the best thing to do.

Joe Biden’s exit from the podium is the next adventure. He always makes a spectacle of himself. He often asks which direction he should be going or appears lost. This was no different. People had to tell him “Go this way.”

As he walked away, he also did another strange little hop.

The strangest part of his visit was when he shook hands with the people following his remarks. Even Joe Biden, who is notoriously bizarre, would find this bizarre. Why did he stroke this man’s arms? This is creepy.

It’s creepy to watch his face. You can see the people around him wondering what this guy is doing.

This is probably part of his obsession with men’s arms. He has talked about this before and even grabbed the bicep of a random official when he was in Ukraine. Joe has never done this before. Joe’s confused brain is not the right way to deal with a stranger. This is not the way you treat an unknown person, even though Joe is an unknown. Joe’s inability in the past to judge appropriate touching/distance has been mentioned. He has a problem. What are the HR reports about him? Were there any complaints?