Biden’s China Deal Threatens America’s Pacific Dominance


According to a report in the quasi-official South China Morning Post, when Joe Biden and China’s President Xi Jinping met Wednesday at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in San Francisco cleared of feces and fentanyl addicts, but not of stick-up men, and the two leaders will ink a deal that will cut the US off at the knees and lock in China’s military dominance in the Western Pacific.

Two sources familiar with this matter confirmed to the Post that Presidents Joe Biden, Xi Jinping, and other leaders will announce a landmark agreement at the much-anticipated bilateral meeting on Wednesday. The agreement is expected to ban the use of artificial intelligence in autonomous weapons, such as drones, and the control and deployment of nuclear warheads.

This deal is a bit suspect, especially given the long history of the Biden Crime Family doing business with companies owned by the Chinese Government.

Despite the fact that the United States resigned from the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) in 2019, we still haven’t developed any new weapons to replace the void created by an ill-thought-out treaty signed in the 1980s, with a country that openly violated its provisions. China, which was never a signatory to the INF treaty, produced hundreds of launchers and untold numbers of nuclear warheads for this weapon class. The US is now in a position to be held hostage if a Chinese nuclear attack occurs, with the only option of retaliation being ICBMs.

The United States is the leader of artificial intelligence research in the world. China is ranked second. The difference between them is huge. Statista rates China 54.7 and the US 100, based on all AI research inputs.

In Ukraine, we’ve seen how drones have changed the face of war. What, more importantly, does the US gain from this deal other than a treaty signed with an untrustworthy partner? Nothing. This is all about the arms control mafia. They’ve never seen an agreement that made the US weaker than they could swoon.

Phil Siegel, founder of the Center for Advanced Preparedness and Threat Response Simulations (CAPTRS), said to Fox News Digital that a pact-like this is “necessary”, though he also argued that Russia and other major powers should be included in the agreement.

Siegel stated, “I believe they will reach an agreement on AI-driven weapons that are only used for reconnaissance on the battlefield and not combat. Otherwise, the world could become very dangerous.” “I believe there will be more, and that is needed to prevent us from devolving into perpetual war.”

Some people disagree, especially those who don’t think they are so clever.

Fox News Digital quoted [Christopher Alexander] as saying, “This is a terrible decision.” “China is lagging behind the U.S. when it comes to AI capabilities, so the Biden Administration just gave up a strategic edge. AI also helps to reduce stress, improving decision-making. This is important in preventing the release of nuclear weapons.

China has always been a stupid strategist and never adhered to any treaty that did not heavily favor them. China’s behavior in the South China Sea, as part of WTO and the Paris Climate Agreement, shows they only pay attention to treaties when they can leverage the provisions of those agreements to increase their influence and power.

This truly stupid idea hurts the US in every way possible and leaves us only with a Neville-Chamberlain-esque “piece of paper.” Joe Biden’s signing of this document is not surprising. By blocking AI from drone and nuclear weapon guidance, Biden has effectively frozen China’s strategic position. They will continue developing battlefield nuclear weapons, while we do not. China will continue its AI research, and its massive IP theft program on steroids and meth in order to close the gap.