Biden’s Claims in 2019 Do Not Align With 2024’s Controversial Israel Arms Decision


Joe Biden, after leaving the report unconfirmed for a few weeks, confirmed in an interview with CNN Erin Burnett that he intended to hold back arms shipments from Israel to Rafah.

He’s trying, therefore, to intimidate them into doing what he wants. By cutting off their capability to eliminate the terrorists. He is giving Hamas a lifeline.

This not only helps Hamas but also prolongs the conflict and encourages them to continue fighting, refusing to return the hostages, including at least five Americans. It is not in our best interests to get our people back.

He’s probably doing it to save face in Michigan and to further his political agenda. It’s a ridiculous and futile pandering attempt because I think that they won’t come back to him if he does this. It is disgusting that this man would not only prolong the war but also put the lives of our citizens in danger. He did it all while putting an ally in the dock. He showed in Afghanistan that he doesn’t care about who he throws under the bus or who he leaves behind.

Let’s listen to someone tell us how bad Biden’s actions are. Joe Biden in 2019.

The idea that we could cut off military assistance to our only real, true ally within the region is absurd. It’s beyond my comprehension that anyone would do this.

Biden made this statement in response to Israel’s settlement policy. There’s less reason to do it now when Israel has been attacked and more than 1,200 people, including Americans, have died. Plus, Biden is taking action as Israel is attempting to eliminate Hamas. Biden’s action would likely cost us more and Israel in the end by prolonging the process of eliminating terrorists. Biden is more concerned about his campaign than our interests, Israel’s, or Americans. It also shows how quickly he can change his mind about his principles if it helps him. So much for being “ironclad.”

Biden said that his position was “absolutely absurd.” Do you also notice his walking style? What has changed since then? He may discover that his actions cost him more votes over time, as some Never Trump supporters are fleeing from him.