Biden’s Controversial Photo Op with Kids Fuels Speculation


Joe Biden will be holding a political event in Scranton (Pennsylvania) to promote higher taxes for the “rich.” He has already proven that he is going to charge us more for everything with Bidenflation.

Biden experienced multiple moments of confusion in Scranton. He shouted at former President Donald Trump for repeating the debunked stories about “suckers” and “losers”, when he was the one who had called military members “stupid bastards” in front of cameras a few years ago. Biden forgot briefly the name of his hometown.

He visited a facility for a political campaign where he shared a bizarre tale about how he answered the door of his hotel room with a towel and shaving gel. It’s hard to understand what he is trying to say because it’s so incoherent.

I don’t know if I want to hear the rest of that tale. I think I am afraid to learn more. What is even the point of this tale?

It’s not encouraging to him if he is talking to the organizers/activists who are going to go out and campaign for him.

He also told these people a big lie about being ahead of Trump. He said he had been to “every single, every single” of the toss-up states. Then he pooh-poohed polls, and he claimed, “Guess what? Even in the polls that are being used now, we’re ahead in 35 polls!”

This Real Clear Politics Average for April 16, 2024, shows that this is not the case.

Only four out of 42 recent general polls have shown him to be ahead.

Is he aware that people can check his words when he deviates from the truth in this way? It’s not reassuring for your supporters to have to lie like that. The teenager looked as if he was wishing to be somewhere else.

The video where Biden visits his childhood home was the one that got most people talking. He was photographed with a group of children who were all arranged in a photo-op. It was creepy.

The kids did not seem to be interested in him. His jacket was positioned strangely. What was happening? Biden was almost led around by one of the children. Who thought it would be a good idea for kids to surround Biden? This looks scripted, right down to the “spontaneous chant”.

Compare this to the spontaneous chanting for Trump in New York when he went into a bodega and the people cheered him on.