Biden’s Desperate ‘Dark Brandon’ Merch Video Backfires


Joe Biden’s chances of winning the 2024 presidential election are difficult to predict.

He appears to be rapidly deteriorating. On Wednesday, we noted that he was unable to walk to the beach and back without Jill’s help, or even to get to his home.

Biden gave an interview last week in which he made some strange rambling remarks, as well as a comment regarding his grandchildren. This was vile given how he treated his four-year-old grandchild Navy Roberts.

Harry Enten, CNN’s data expert, explained that the recent poll results were not good for Biden, especially on the economy. He also said that former President Donald Trump’s approval numbers are positive and he “very possibly” could win.

Democracies are showing signs of desperation in the Biden situation. Barack Obama was said to have been pulled in and had to warn Biden to not underestimate Trump’s strength. It’s not just about Trump, but also about Biden. Some Democrats have shared photoshops that make Joe Biden look younger. You know that things aren’t looking good for Biden if you go to such lengths. In poll after poll, the majority of Americans have expressed concerns about his mental and physical health.

As if this wasn’t enough, Trump seemed to be celebrating the day of his arraignment with a cringe-worthy “Dark Brandon’ meme.

It’s not a good look to appear to be celebrating when you are trying to jail your biggest political opponent and the day Trump was arraigned. If you don’t, they might think that your government is being used against you.

This just adds to an overall feeling that he has turned us into a “banana republic” and severely damaged our rule of law.

Biden says, “A cup o’ Joe has never tasted better.” He says “I like dark coffee” and shows a cup with “Dark Brandon’s” eyes.

Biden’s problem is that everything, including coffee, has become more expensive under Bidenflation. This has risen a lot since Biden took office. It’s not the best idea to highlight coffee in order to remind people how much they pay under Biden. Biden has also started selling merchandise to raise money for his campaign. He should have left this to his staff. This is not something that he should do. If I’m not mistaken, it looks like he is doing this from the White House. That is simply wrong. Biden appears to be completely unaware of how awful it looks.

Biden hasn’t yet learned that you shouldn’t allow people to use billboards or space on the Internet for memes. If you do that, you can be sure they’ll replace it with something else you won’t like.