Biden’s Gas Station Gaffe Sparks Concern


Joe Biden, the president who is often confused, had a great day on Wednesday. In Pennsylvania, Joe Biden decided to make up a story about his uncle being allegedly eaten by cannibals.

We are now at the point that he is slandering Papa New Guineans in his quest for power. Forrest Gump reversed strikes again.

In addition, the president let his senility take over him as he tried to put Israel back under the bus. Biden made a mindless pronouncement in which he claimed to have told Israel, “Don’t Move on Haifa.” Just one problem. Haifa is an Israeli city located north of the country, not near Gaza.

But that wasn’t all. Biden showed up in a gas station for what could only be described as an awkward and very concerning visit.

Biden’s Secret Service agents flanking him, nobody seemed to be particularly impressed. No one is expressing their support as you would see with Donald Trump when he visits a public place. The president manages to convince one person to take a selfie with him after slowly making his way to the counter. Everyone else is just standing around. Then he turns around and leaves. The whole visit lasted around two minutes.

This was an exercise in political box-checking and a bad one at that. It’s not good to compare Biden with Trump. And I don’t mean just the lack of enthusiasm. What stands out most is how weak and feeble he is.

Take a look at his walk. You can see that his arms are barely moving, and you can tell that he is actively trying to move them so they look normal. The short, choppy strides he takes are so slow that a sloth would win a race. He looks lost and confused. He was probably led to a gas station by his handlers who just told him which direction to go. When a reporter asked him a question about China’s policy, he replied “Don’t Jump.” What floor would you jump from? What floor is it?

How can this man survive another four years, if he is re-elected? It’s never happened before that a president sought a second term in such a condition. It is frightening to think Biden is in control of the nuclear weapons, meaning someone else is in actual charge. This is all a big red flag. The American people must put aside their grievances and make sure this man does not return to the White House.