Biden’s Return from Vacation Raises Eyebrows with His Responses on Border Issues, Stumbling on Stairs, and Confusion


Joe Biden spent the last week in St. Croix.

He was largely silent during his stay in St. Croix, except for a short statement about his resolution for next year, which was to return to St. Croix.

Meanwhile, Americans are still being held hostage by Hamas, and the border had its worst month ever, with more than 300,000 illegal aliens pouring across. And that’s just the known border encounters, not counting the people that they don’t find.

Ali Bradley, News Nation:

CBP confirms that we have 302k+ encounters with migrants in December. This is the highest total monthly encounters ever recorded. The previous record was in September 2023, when 269,735 encounters had been recorded.

Biden and his team continue to insist that the border is “secure.”

How can you deal with a government that doesn’t do its constitutional duty of defending the nation, and lies about the reality?

Biden did not answer any questions when he left St. Croix to return to Washington, D.C. on Tuesday. The short staircase was very steep.

He appeared to be confused as to which direction he should go after he had climbed the stairs. Then he began climbing more stairs within the plane. It’s funny how they reduce the number of stairs, yet there are still many.

Biden looked like a 100-year-old man when he finally returned. He shuffled along the South Lawn towards the White House. Reporters asked about the bad news regarding the latest border numbers.

Biden’s response, when he finally understood what they asked him, was weak and contradicted the ridiculous claims made by his team about how secure the border is. He was probably not briefed and did not have note cards. He said first, “Well we’ve got to do something.”

He then said, “They should give me the money that I need to secure the border.”

It takes a lot of nerve. His people are constantly telling him that the border is secured, even though it’s not. He admits that it’s not secure, but tries to blame Republicans in Congress. It was the Republicans who demanded the border be secured.

The typical Democratic response is: “Give me money” — but the real answer is to enforce laws, not give money. They always ask for money but they don’t fix anything. Instead, they make it worse.

The problem is Biden ripped everything apart that the former president Donald Trump put in place.