Biden’s Tribal Nations Summit: From “Beers Ears” to College Fibs, Was Anything True?


Joe Biden was not done for the day when he shut down questions at a press conference about his business dealings and those of his son. He was soon to take the stage at the White House Tribal Nations Summit and perhaps, he should have been finished with the day.

Biden’s speech is like a slow-motion car accident.

Biden: I restored protections from my predecessor, gutted by my predecessor, um, at three national monuments. Grand staircase, and beers ears. By the way, you want to know how that happened? I was in a plane and a little girl came up to me and she said, “Mr. President, can you take care of beers ears?” And I, I thought she said can I take care of her ears? And I said what honey, and she said, “beers ears are really important,” and guess what, she was dead right, and we did take care of it.

Let’s presume that Biden did not just invent that story on the spot as a way to cover up the fact that he described a monument national considered sacred by dozens of Native American tribes as “beers’ ears.” When did the president of the United States start flying on planes so that he could just randomly run into little girls? His story is a bit absurd because he flies with Air Force One and not American Airlines.

I find it stupid and unnecessary. Why would you make up something like that? This next clip is no different.

Biden has lied about his college athletic career several times, but it may be the first time he’s done so. Lacrosse and football are not played at the same time. One is played in the spring while the other is in the fall. It’s common for people to participate in both sports. Jim Brown, who played both football and lacrosse, was a famous example of a person who did not have to choose.

Occam’s Razor says that Biden is once again making up things. Why not? The “fact-checkers”, if they exist, are not going to bother him. He knows he’s immune. We are talking about someone who got away with fabricating a story that his uncle was awarded a Purple Heart at a family event and even went so far as to invent quotes from what the uncle had allegedly said. It was obvious that the uncle had passed away more than a decade before.

Like I said in a recent article, being senile makes you a bad lie. But don’t forget the clap.

Biden claims that he parachuted into the monuments and saved them from destruction. In reality, they were never at risk. In the case of any national monument, the only thing that has changed on paper is the number of square miles surrounding them. Obama’s administration was known for its land grabs, which included expanding “monuments,” to absurd limits. Donald Trump did not try to blow up Bears Ears.

It shouldn’t be necessary to mention this because it’s obvious. But when you have a President who is unable to tell the truth regularly, I feel compelled. We can laugh at his silly pandering, but only in that “This is so horrible, all I can do to laugh” way.