Biden’s Vacation Numbers Are as High as His Approval Numbers Are Low


Americans aren’t happy with Joe Biden’s poll numbers and they have a reason. They don’t see his team being able to answer basic questions about the reasons they haven’t solved the problem of baby formula shortage. They view him and his team as uninterested or unable to deal with inflation and skyrocketing gas prices. CNN predicts a wipeout of the midterms, citing Biden’s terrible numbers.

This is Biden’s look at the baby formula meeting two days ago. Biden looks disengaged, almost like he’s about fall asleep.

He didn’t seem able to grasp that he was admitting that he didn’t understand the issue.

He delivered a gun control speech on Thursday night, contradicting himself by saying he wasn’t coming for any guns and then saying in the next breath that he was calling to ban assault weapons. Biden then jumped out of the door to board a plane for the beaches.

He was again on vacation in Delaware, this one at his home in Rehoboth Beach.

Biden has spent more time at the White House than any of his predecessors.

“Every chance I get, I return home to Delaware. You think I am joking. Biden stated in February that he was not.

Biden spent an estimated 188 days away from the White House before this weekend’s trip. 130 of those days were spent at Delaware properties, 52 at Camp David, and six at Nantucket.

If this pace continues, Biden will be away from the White House for approximately 553 days during his first term. That’s 1,106 days in two terms.

If he keeps up the same pace, that would be the highest (although he won’t get another term). This means that he has spent approximately 1/3 of his time at the office on vacation.

It’s not the only reason he’s in there. After all the problems he’s had, he doesn’t seem to be able to go to the beach or appears to always be running to the vacation home.

If he is in Delaware, the White House will argue that he is still “on the job”. Given his incoherence and early eyesight, I don’t think he’s actually on the job in Washington. They didn’t respond to the news story about him vacationing. However, they claimed previously that presidents of the United States are always on the job regardless of where they are located — whether they’re in Washington for a state visit or 100 miles away from the White House on a short trip.

If the White House refuses to share visitor records while Biden is in Delaware then we don’t know who he is seeing, or what he’s up to. Unless we are told that by him, which he doesn’t believe we should be entitled to. They are just spinning again. Jen Psaki, then-White House Press Secretary, even laughed at us for asking. She snarkily replied in August, “I can confirm that we are not going be providing information regarding the comings-and-goings of the president’s grandchildren or those visiting him in Delaware.”

Biden’s vacation figures are as high and his approval numbers low. Americans will be more upset about the vacation time because Biden is so far behind in other areas.