Big News Regarding Missouri Senate Race as Independent Candidate John Wood Bows Out


In the run-up to the Missouri primary, the race for the U.S. Senate Seat that Republican Roy Blunt would leave at the end of this term was fiercely contested. However, Vicky Hartzler (ex-Gov. Vicky Hartzler (ex-Gov.) was the top three.

Many Republicans were worried that Greitens would win, due to his extensive background, making it more vulnerable for a Democratic challenger in November.

Enter an ex-U.S. Senator Jack Danforth, who publicly supported John Wood as an independent candidate. According to the Missouri Times:

Danforth spent many months trying to get a Republican candidate for the nomination to run as an independent candidate. He believed that every GOP candidate was too extreme.

Danforth publicly supported Wood and created a super PAC to support his candidacy. To help Wood become president, he pledged to raise $20 million.

Reiterating. Danforth claimed every GOP candidate for the nomination was too extreme. Are you starting to suspect that Danforth might be out of tune with the party?

Wood’s candidacy also was questioned. RedState’s Joe Cunningham noted last week that there were legitimate questions about Wood’s candidacy.

All this is part of a larger NeverTrump campaign. Senator John “Jack” Danforth, was another politician in Missouri. He pushed for Wood’s independent campaign back when it appeared that Eric Greitens, the disgraced ex-governor (whose campaign was being run by Kimberly Guilfoyle, President Donald Trump’s future daughter-in-law), might win the Republican primary. Danforth is a prominent NeverTrump politician in the state. Greitens lost to Schmitt in his primary. He isn’t giving up.

Jack Danforth, a former senator, stated that John Wood’s political action committee is “in it to win it”. This was just a day after the PAC spent $750,000 on TV ads to help them run before Aug. 2.

Missouri Stands United received $5 million from Danforth on June 6. Ads featuring Danforth talking about the need for a better way were being aired in Springfield, St. Louis, and Kansas City by June 24.

The PAC’s Monday ad purchase brought its television spending up to $2.2million. It was in only the Kansas City and St. Louis areas.

Danforth insists it’s not spoiler-racing, but Wood’s influence is clear.

Wood was the senior investigator counsel to the Select Committee to Investigate January 6, Attack on U.S. Capitol.

Danforth stated Wood’s victory was possible if democracy is the primary issue.

Missouri Stands United’s advertisements emphasize the dangers of extremism within both major political parties.

Danforth stated this message transcends all views and can unify Republicans and Democrats as well as independent voters.

Do not worry. Wood announced Tuesday that he would not continue his candidacy and will withdraw from the race.

Wood wrote supporters an email stating that he decided to run for the United States Senate race while Eric Greitens was the favorite for the Republican nomination.

Wood stated that Missouri is not at risk of Greitens becoming the next U.S. Senator.

He admitted that there were differences between his views with Eric Schmitt (Republican nominee) and Trudy Busch Valentine (Democrat). He stated, however, that it was “clear that there is no realistic way to win” for him as an Independent candidate.

Wood, who is relatively unknown to Missourians, did not have a realistic path to victory, even though Greitens had been nominated. His connections to Liz Cheney and his involvement with J6 Committee were key factors in his defeat. Valentine was awarded the seat as a result.

Wood’s departure means Valentine and Schmitt are now able to focus on one another, making it interesting for Anheuser-Busch heiresses as well as the Attorney General.

According to the AP:

Trudy Busch Valentine (Democrat), met Republican Attorney General Eric Schmitt. They met at Governor’s Ham Breakfast. It is a long-standing Missouri tradition that all candidates must attend.

After winning a close GOP primary election on Aug. 2, Schmitt launched his first attack ad this week, criticizing Valentine for siding with Biden on the “Inflation Reduction Act,” as congressional Democrats refer to it. Biden signed Tuesday’s bill into law.

Valentine is a retired nurse who was also heir to Anheuser-Busch’s fortune. She stated that she supports the legislation, particularly the Medicare cost cap.

Schmitt’s advertisement claimed that Valentine “endorsed Biden’s socialist agenda lock stock barrel” and his “wasteful expenditures which caused this inflation crisis.”

Schmitt gave a victory speech on a primary night. He stated that he didn’t come from billions, but he came from Bridgeton. Schmitt’s campaign will now be able to focus on this contrast with Wood’s resignation.