Black GOP Congressional Candidate Runs the Boldest Gun Rights Ad Ever


In recent years, campaign ads have become more professional. Candidates and PACs can now create professional videos with a limited budget. If a candidate has something to say that is more than just attacking an opponent it’s possible to create something memorable.

Jerone Davison is doing exactly that. He is a pastor, former NFL, and college football star and is running for the Republican nomination in Arizona’s fourth congressional district. His campaign website, which is a black conservative, highlights the importance of the Constitution to him.

His site says that freedom is not granted to us by the government. The government should protect our natural or God-given rights. Our Constitution keeps us free. These freedoms must be protected and the Constitution must be respected by all levels of government, including those in executive, legislative, and judicial positions. “I stand with Constitutionalists.”

His respect for the Constitution also includes the Second Amendment. This means that he believes gun rights should be protected. His team created a powerful message to voters in the district with a video titled “Make Rifles Great Again”.

Democrats like the claim that no one requires an AR-15 for self-defense. Davison states in the ad that no one can possibly use all 30 rounds. Davison states in the ad that if this rifle is all that stands between you and a dozen Klan hood-clad Democrats, then you might need the semi-automatic with all 30 rounds.

It contains powerful truths about the Second Amendment rights for all Americans and adds a touch of shock value to make it even more memorable.

One commenter on the campaign’s Twitter post said that it was absurd to think of Democrat Klansmen pursuing a black man in 2022. Davison intelligently responded, “Racist white Liberals love to tell my LIVED EXPERIENCE wasn’t happening!”

Take a look at the ad:

I am currently arranging an interview with him. Keep checking back to hear more from this fascinating candidate.