Blinken Blasted by Ceasefire Protesters at Senate Hearing


There have been a number of protesters in the United States who are calling for a truce between Israel and Hamas. It was a surprise to me that I agreed with Hillary Clinton. That would embolden Hamas, and give them more time to stock up on weapons. Hamas has tried many ceasefires in the past but they have always failed because it is unwilling to give up its desire to wipe Israel out and stop killing Jews. How could it work if they didn’t swear that? Only by eliminating terrorists can you defeat terrorism.

The “ceasefires”, like the bad Democratic city governments, institutionalize failure. What good do they serve? The left hasn’t given up on this tactic.

On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Secretary of State Antony Blinken testified before the Senate about national security issues. Also, they were discussing what was happening with Israel and Hamas terrorists. They were there in the middle of Blinken’s testimony.

The protester began screaming at him, and at others, at the hearing. He yelled, “Ceasefire Now!”

Why are there always screaming liberal women of color?

She wasn’t the only one. The audience was sown with people. As she is being dragged away, you can see some people holding their hands. It looked like they had red paint on them, which was meant to represent the blood of Gaza.

The hearing was derailed by the rapid succession of women who followed the first.

Leftists attack even the “wall” that protects Americans at the border.

Even Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin attended the party.

I’ve got a question for the Capitol Police. How are you allowing in these people who have signs, shirts, and other items that clearly show they are there to disrupt hearings? Medea Benjamin is easily identifiable. But I’m willing to bet that none of them will be held accountable for their actions.

All of these people are calling for a truce. Why do they not call on Hamas for the release of hostages? Why do they not call on Hamas for the hundreds of Americans trapped in Gaza to be released? Why do they not call on Hamas for the civilians in Gaza to leave?

This is because it’s not about caring for the people. It’s all about anti-Israeli and anti-U.S. policies. It’s all about the spread of leftist chaos.