Blinken Unveils Ambitious Mideast Peace Plan, Met with Skepticism


It doesn’t matter how many times you fail or are proven wrong if you’re part of the Washington establishment. This is how we got Old Joe Biden to be president and Antony Blinken to be secretary of state.

Blinken, who was in Davos on Wednesday, was there for the World Economic Forum. He was peddling faulty analyses and failed remedies, which have already caused so many problems in the world, as the solutions to the world’s issues. He’s done it before. He’ll do it once more.

Blinken revealed his grand plan for Middle East Peace: a Palestinian State. Blinken’s plan for peace in the Middle East is a Palestinian state. Hamas has murdered 1,200 Israelis.

Blinken’s preconceived notions are not reformed by the lessons of history or common sense. Blinken believes that Palestinians are violent due to their lack of self-determination.

The problem will be solved by giving them self-determination, just like they did when they chose Hamas to govern Gaza. It doesn’t matter that they have repeatedly rejected generous offers of a state. Remember that Washington doesn’t care about the facts.

Davos is not the place to discuss them. Blinken stated Wednesday that Israel would only be able to achieve “genuine safety” if they allowed Palestinians to have another base of jihad attacks, in addition to Gaza. That is the creation of a Palestinian State. Blinken even had the audacity of presenting this tired, repeatedly failed, ill-conceived “solution” to the Israelis as a new, daring idea.

He explained that the problem was getting from one place to another. This, of course, required very difficult and challenging decisions. It takes a mind that is receptive to this perspective.

Blinken seems to be adamant about this idea. According to The Jewish Press, he brought up the topic last week during a press event about his most recent trip to Israel. “We continue to talk about how to build more durable peace and safety for Israel in the region,” I told the Prime Minister that every partner I met during this trip was ready to support an end to the violence cycle and ensure Israel’s safety. They stressed that a regional solution that included a path to a Palestinian State is the only way that could bring about a lasting solution.

Blinken believed that Israel was the issue. Blinken said that Israel had to be a partner with Palestinian leaders, who were willing to live side-by-side in peace and harmony with Israel as neighbors. Israel must also stop making moves that undermine the ability of Palestinians to govern themselves.

This foreign policy wizard did not explain the “steps” Israel took to “undercut Palestinians’ ability to govern themselves effectively.” Mahmoud Abu Abbas, who is now 88 and in his 18th year as president of the Palestinian Authority, has done this well enough on his own. Hamas’ top leaders Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashal have made billions by stealing the aid money that the Western left sent to Palestine.

Blinken did not elaborate on his fantasy that Palestinian leadership “is willing to lead their people in living in peace side-by-side with Israel and as neighbor.” Is there one? Blinken would have had to lie if he was asked to name a single one.

The Arabs’ intransigence was evident from the start of the conflict. On Nov. 29, 1947, the UN General Assembly adopted Resolution 181, which called for the creation of a Jewish and an Arab state in Palestine. It was rejected immediately by the Arabs. Biden, Blinken, or anyone else who continues to promote the “two-state solution” never seems to ask why.

Blinken, and other foreign policy experts, fail to understand, or refuse to acknowledge, that the UN’s partition plan was a failure for only one reason: the Arabs in Palestine and surrounding countries, who are muslims, will not accept a Jewish State, no matter how small.

The Palestinian Delusion shows that this refusal is rooted within Islamic doctrines and commands. Most notably, the Qur’anic command “drive out those that drove you out” (Qur’an 2:191), and the underlying assumption, is that any land ruled at any point by Muslims belongs to them forever, and cannot be ruled over by anyone else. If a Palestinian State were to be established, it would become a terror base for jihad, just as Gaza did when Israel withdrew.

It is not true that the Israeli-Palestinian conflict cannot be handled in a way that minimizes bloodshed for both sides. To think that an agreement can be reached that will convince Muslims in the Middle East, and throughout the world, to abandon Islam’s deeply rooted antisemitism and supremacist ideology, is to be expected of the ignorant. They’re running the show in Washington, of course.