Border Patrol Calls for Agents to Relocate to US-Canada Border Amid 846% Spike in Migrant Crossings


Border Patrol officials issued an internal memo asking agents for redeployment to the northern border section, which has seen an 846 percent increase in illegal migrants crossings.

Fox News’s Casey Stegall, reported that Border Patrol leadership asked for agents stationed in the southwest border and other northern areas to be moved to the Swanton Sector of the U.S. Canada border. The Swanton sector includes New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.

According to Chief Juan E. Garcia of Border Patrol Assistant, illegal entry is on the rise in this area. This is due in large part to illegal entry by Mexican migrants trying to enter the United States without legal documentation.

According to the memo, “Due to increased number, stations have become task-saturated processing large groups of people, which has resulted in getaway events as well as pedestrian and vehicle incursions.”

Officials asked that volunteers submit their applications by February 23 to be eligible to redeploy to Swanton Sector between March 1 and April 1.

Robert N. Garcia (Swanton Sector Chief Patrol Agent) stated that agents have noticed an increase in families with young children crossing into the United States, even during winter months.

“Illegal crossings of the Canada/U.S. border in sub-freezing temps continued last week, as #BorderPatrol Agents apprehended 115 subjects from 12 countries—mostly Mexican nationals,” Garcia wrote on Twitter. “Unfortunately, perilous weather has done nothing to deter this traffic. Don’t risk it!”

There was an 846% increase in migrant encounters between January and October compared to last year.

In January, Border Patrol agents met with 367 migrants. This is more than the 12 Januarys of all twelve.

There were 55,736 encounters at the northern frontier between October and January. The southern frontier saw 874,449 encounters in the same period.

Chris Clem was the former Yuma Sector Border Patrol Chief and said that the U.S./Canada Border is often overlooked because of the “astronomical” southern migrant crisis.

Clem explained to Clem that electronic travel authorization allows [migrants] virtually visa-free travel from Mexico to Canada. This permits them to move freely around Canada.

He demanded that the government respond to the influx of migrants.

Clem stated that the administration should reach out to Canada as much as they need to reach out to Mexico. Clem suggested that Mexico should be held accountable for its border security.