Breaking: Schiff chickens out of impeachment as Whistleblower would not testify


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HPSCI Chairman Adam Schiff responds to the republican witness request list. In the final paragraph of the letter, Schiff announces the “whistleblower”, the person Chairman Schiff coordinated with to initiate the impeachment, will never be called to deliver testimony:

Trump really threw a wrench into their plans when he released the transcript.

(Must read) Wikileaks drops nuke on Adam Schiff’s Ukraine whistleblower,reveal intent and connection with CIA

If there is no witness then the case has to be closed,no impeachment..

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  1. I watched most of this fake impeachment today. It was kind of boring. Watch two old fools trying to give pure hear-say like it was the gospel truth. And then watch republicans tear their testimony apart. I know they think they are doing what is right. That one looked like he was a shamed of himself when they told him Trump gave them the weapons they needed and obama gave them blanket and pillows to fight with.

  2. Adam shifty Schiff is a 100% POS coward that can’t even represent his own bullshit findings. Nadler is too stupid to get his head out of his sssss. The guy carries directions to walk and chew gum at same time. The entire Lobotomy party had their brains scramble so NONE/ZERO of the Dumbocrats can tell the truth.

  3. What? Schiff has already impeached the President! Schiff is in Congress and they have already voted to impeach! Who writes this stuff, an illegal?

  4. If I read this correctly, they are referring to the trial aspect which cannot occur unless and until the articles of impeachment are turned over to the Senate where trial would be held. The impeachment is only completed if Pelosi turns everything done in the House over to the Senate, otherwise there is no actual impeachment, or so I understand.

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