Breaking News: Judge Unseals Records in Nathan Wade Divorce Case


Fani Willis, the District Attorney of Fulton County in Georgia, has attracted a lot of negative attention during her attempt to become known by taking down Donald Trump. Willis’s attempt to make a name for herself by taking down Donald Trump has drawn attention from the wrong quarters. She is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with Nathan Wade.

On Monday, a judge in Cobb County (just northwest of Atlanta) announced that he will unseal all records in Wade’s case. Willis is now embroiled in this divorce.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that “a Cobb County judge unveiled the divorce records of a top prosecutor who was involved in Fulton County’s election interference investigation, allowing public access to personal information which could have implicated his boss, and alleged romantic lover, District Attorney Fani Wilis.”

There’s a price to pay. The judge has halted the subpoenaing of Wills by the attorneys for Wade’s estranged spouse Joycelyn.

The AJC reported that “Superior Court Judge Henry Thompson also temporarily stayed a subpoena issued by the estranged spouse of special prosecutor Nathan Wade.” She was trying to depose Willis in the next few days.

Thompson suggested that lawyers should first depose Nathan Wade before determining if Willis holds any relevant information in the divorce case. The first hearing has been set for January 31.

The AJC is one of 15 local and national media outlets that sought to seal the Wade divorce records, including ABC News and the Associated Press. Other media outlets included the Associated Press and Bloomberg.

“The allegation, that the records in this case reveal a legally improper relationship between Special prosecutor Wade and D.A. Willis’s question must be answered transparently to maintain public confidence in the judicial system, Tom Clyde & Lesli Gaither of AJC argued.

The media outlets argued that “the public interest in this issue cannot be overstated.”

Media outlets claim that Wade’s divorce is worthy of public scrutiny due to his involvement in the Trump case. The public records also show that the Fulton County DA’s office paid Nathan Wade’s law firm significantly more than other special prosecutors who worked on the case, even though Wade had little or no experience prosecuting cases by the Racketeer-Influenced and Corrupt Organisations (RICO).

Last week, Scott McAfee – who is also the judge overseeing the Trump trial – ordered an investigation into the allegations of Willis’s corruption and conflict of interest. The hearing is scheduled for mid-February. McAfee also ordered Willis, before the hearing, to respond to the allegations in writing.

We don’t yet know whether the divorce records of Wade will reveal any salacious details, but it will be interesting to see the impact this information has on the case against Trump. You all should pop some popcorn!