Breaking : Ukraine Whistleblower Revealed,what he did with Joe Biden


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Chances of getting the POTUS Donald Trump down gets slimmer with discoveries made everyday as the many misadventurous tactics by the Dem. Camp keeps turning around to hunt them,one of such is the revelation of the most likely to be “ukraine-whistleblower” as Eric Ciaramela,a former staff under Obama.

Trump hating Former NSC director for ukraine under Barrack Obama,Mr Eric Ciaramela has been pointed as leaker of heavily misleading,untrue and innacurate so called phone call between Mr president and Mr Zelensky.

According to Jim Hoft of the gateway pundit: Transcripts subsequently released of the phone call itself disprove the claims of the gossip blower.


Hints were provided that led to the identity as to who the so-called whistleblower could be.

Some enterprising researchers discovered information that may have led to the identity of this dangerous leaker as Mr Eric.


@FOOL_NELSON” on Twitter has identified someone who certainly seems to fit the mold of what we know about the so-called whistleblower. In fact, this person has even been described back in 2017 as a potential leaker who was pro-Ukraine, anti-Russia, and who was out to harm the Trump administration. Now, what are the odds of that?

This article clearly is not objective or bias-free. It’s written by insiders comfortable with the way things are inside the beltway.

However, it provides a stunning example of how wrong the magazine was on so many issues. Indeed there were Obama holdovers who have described their mission to ‘get Trump’ at all costs in an anonymous op-ed in the New York Times.

It’s over for these idiots. There was never going to be an impeachment.
It’s all just more muh Russia lies. And this has been a complete fail yet again.


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