Britain’s Greatest Olympian Reveals That He Was Trafficked to the UK as a Young Boy


Sir Mohamed “Mo” Farah was a Somalian immigrant who became Britain’s most decorated Olympic runner. He became a top-ranked track athlete around the world in recent years and was well-respected by the British before he reached his 30s.

Farah has recounted his life story many times over the years. Farah claimed that his mother and his brothers immigrated to Britain as young boys to join his father.

Farah’s story is both inspiring and fascinating.

The Telegraph reports that “the truth is that the Olympic Champion was born in Somaliland and was trafficked into this country as a nine-year-old by a stranger.” Mohamed Farah’s name was stolen from another child and used to create a fake passport.

Farah will reveal the truth in a BBC documentary that airs on Wednesday. Farah is well aware of the dangers associated with revealing a secret he and others have held for many decades.

He said that his parents had never been to the UK, despite what he had told me. My mother was divorced and I was brought to the UK illegally under the name Mo Farah.

Farah’s handlers got his contact information and paper from him when he arrived in London. Farah’s early experiences as a slave in London sound like Cinderella.

Sir Mo remembered his time at the house and stated that he was treated differently when the men were around. He would not see me for many weeks.

“If I wanted food in my mouth, my job was to look after the children. This meant that I had to shower them, cook for them, and clean up afterward. ”

“More times than not, I wanted to cry and lock myself in the bathroom. ”

As a teen, he confided in his PE teacher, Alan Watkinson, who reached out to social services and helped Farah attain placement in a foster family. Watkinson also noticed Farah’s athletic talent, and when Farah had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe for track events, the coach helped him attain British citizenship under the name Mohamed Farah. Watkinson would go on to stand alongside his pupil as the best man in Farah’s wedding.

“It’s only recently that I’ve thought about it and questioned whether actually, I did anything wrong in this scenario,” Watkinson says in the documentary. “But I don’t think either I or the school did anything wrong.”

Farah’s fame in the UK led to him reuniting with his family. A member from the UK Somali community saw Farah and reached out to Aisha.

Farah felt uncomfortable speaking out. Farah tells them he could lose his citizenship due to fraud. This is because he was trafficked into the UK and is well-known for his popularity.

A spokesperson from the UK Home Office stated to The Telegraph that Sir Mo would not face any legal action.

We hope to see The Real Mo Farah in America soon. This inspiring story is about a man who overcomes human trafficking to become a national hero.