Business Owners Beware — Price Controls Are Coming If Leftists Get Their Way


If you own a small company, the leftists in Congress will be after you. The U.S. Constitution is their only obstacle.
The value of your property is at risk, regardless of whether you own an auto repair shop, a mom-and-pop diner or shares in a multinational corporation.

The Constitution’s “takings” clause was created to prevent the government from taking our property without paying us fairly. Inflation Reduction Act, passed by Democrats in both chambers of Congress last year, allowed Medicare to “negotiate” lower prices for medications for seniors.

Negotiate, a lie. Under the new law, the government can force companies to sell their most popular medications at Uncle Sam’s price or risk being taxed in a matter of weeks. On June 6, the pharmaceutical giant Merck sued the government claiming the law violates its constitutional rights.

Amen. The lawsuit should serve as a warning for anyone who owns or wants to possess anything in America.

The majority of members of Congress don’t bother to read bills before voting on them.

A company that refuses to sell drugs to the government at the set price will be assessed a tax, starting at 186% the first day. The tax will increase daily until it reaches 1,900%. The tax is not just for government sales but all sales.

The company has no way out. Contrast this to the price controls in socialist-leaning countries in Europe where drug companies can refuse to sell their products at government prices.

Merck claims that it will be forced by law to sell some of its highest-valued products for a fraction of their original price under threat even harsher sanctions. This is not “negotiation. This is tantamount to extortion. ”

The law prohibits the company from disclosing what Medicare officials said behind closed doors about “negotiations” or price negotiations. ”

Is This America? Congress restricts freedom of speech by forcing companies to say what they don’t believe.

Merck’s suit is based upon the argument that, “Our Constitution does not allow forced speech to serve as state propaganda.” ”

Congress needs to take a Constitutional refresher course. According to the Fifth Amendment, government cannot take property without compensation. In addition, the First Amendment forbids forcing someone against their will. Merck’s lawsuit is based upon these grounds.

The law is the same as the socialist despotism depicted in George Orwell’s “1984” novel. However, it’s called “negotiation”. If you do not agree, then your business is taxed to the death overnight. ”

If Merck’s lawsuit fails, who will be next to suffer? The automakers may be forced to sell cars at a price of $10,000 instead of the fair market value. How about the bedsheets and plane parts that the Army needs, or the meals in restaurants for federal employees?

Merck’s lawsuit doesn’t raise constitutional questions. However, Americans should be aware of the dangers of price controls on their health. Patients who live in countries that have price caps are less likely to get access to new medicines. Tomas Philipson is an economist from the University of Chicago. According to him, French patients receive half as many new treatments as Americans.

Last week, the American Society of Clinical Oncology published an article about a new treatment called osimertinib that can increase survival rates in patients with lung cancer who have had surgery and are now facing a recurrence by 51%. I hope that I won’t need it, but it’s nice to know it’s an option.

Many politicians think that criticizing pharmaceutical companies is good politics. They ignore the impact of price controls on future cures.

This debate is legitimate. However, the Constitution is the only thing that is required. Congressmen swear allegiance to it.

Merck will have its lawsuit heard by the Supreme Court.

Tell Biden to respect the 4,543 Constitutional Words.