BYU Human Development Course Features the Gender-bread Person, Says Jesus Was Not Masculine


One might argue that college has changed. Secondary schools were once sophisticated training grounds. Now they are more elementary.

This is an example: Utah’s young adults are learning all about themselves through a mythical cookie.

That is, it seems.

Recently, Natalie Cline (a member of the Utah State Board of Education and congregant of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) posted a photo taken at Church-affiliated Brigham Young University on Facebook.

Her caption:

(A) Student texted [this] photo to her mom in her Human Development class at BYU Provo this morning…

Natalie linked to the full lecture slide deck and a three-minute audio clip.

Her post was accompanied by a photo that showed a projected image in large university classrooms. Its focal point was a drawing of “The Gingerbread Person”, also known as The Genderbread Person.

The image shows that terms are linked by arrows to the confected animal. The word “Sex”, refers to Mr./Ms. Cookie’s crotch is “Expression”, which outlines his/her body. “Identity” fills progressive pastry’s rainbow-colored brain. “Orientation” is the baked being’s heart.

Below the woke wafer, you will find detailed descriptions.

Gender Identity — This includes both men and women.

Gender identity refers to how you think about your gender. It is the chemistry of your body (e.g. hormonal levels) and how it is interpreted.

Gender Expression — This includes Feminine, Androgynous, and Masculine.

Gender expression refers to the way you act, dress, and behave in order to express your gender. It is based on traditional gender roles.

Biological Sex can be described as Intersex or Female.

Biological sex is the use of hormones and organs that can be objectively measured. Female = vagina, eggs, and XX chromosomes. Male = penis, testes and XY chromosomes. Intersex = a mixture of both.

Sexual orientation can range from Heterosexual, Bisexual, to Homosexual.

Sexual orientation refers to who you are emotionally, spiritually, and physically attracted to based on the gender of your partner.

The above seems a little shaky. Your chemical composition is not what defines your gender identity. It is how you interpret the information that is. There are many interpretation possibilities beyond the one that directly links “man” to “woman”. If sexual orientation is determined by one’s identity relative to other identities — which can be any interpretation that anyone gives it to be — then there are many interpretive possibilities.

Not to be missed:

BYU seems to be a little behind the times. Perhaps they should bake better cookies.

The professor believes that he/she has received a revelation from God. Return to Natalie’s post

The student sent this key takeaway from the teacher: “Not masculine or feminine, Christlike.” Androgyny is the key.

This is completely against the gospel doctrine and blasphemous. These teachings do not come from the Church or BYU. They are endorsed by wolves dressed in sheep’s clothes who want to devour the flock.

Although it may be against LDS doctrine, it is in line with modern cultural theology. In a way, it’s correct. It’s part of the new phase of human development.