Caitlyn Jenner Slams Biden: Meeting With China’s President Amid Americans Held Hostage by Hamas Sparks Outrage


Caitlyn Jenner – formerly known as Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner – ripped into Joe Biden for not doing anything to bring American hostages home from Hamas. She also praised Chinese President Xi Jinping, whom she called the “world’s most weak leader” because he did nothing to help get American hostages returned.

When you stop to think about it, this makes perfect sense. Biden has made a lot of money from his participation in a scheme to influence people while he was vice president, and bending over backwards for China. It’s a lot.

Jenner, a reality TV star who is now a blogger, ripped Biden to shreds in a tweet published on X/Twitter Tuesday. When Jenner can tear you apart for being the weakest president in the entire world, you know you have hit bottom. Even someone with a mental disorder can see that Biden’s not fit to be president.

The Jenner post quoted a tweet by former acting director of national intelligence Richard Grenell who took a shot at the president himself for failing to act in order to assist American hostages being held in Gaza.

It is almost certain that Biden and the other leftists who are crazy would offer up big money to exchange our people for those held hostage in Iran. What is the problem? This mess could be the result of either incompetence or an attempt to further the progressive agenda.

There’s one thing for certain. Biden is an embarrassment to the nation. It’s a guy that can’t even walk up a flight of stairs, or across a stage, without looking like he is on the set of Three Stooges. He speaks incoherently and gives the impression of an old man who is angry and needs to take a nap and drink some pudding. A man of 80 who can’t find his way into the White House front door does not project a strong image.

This public image, which is a threat to the security of our country, has also weakened our position in the geopolitical arena. As the kids say: Xi is flexing a lot, especially in relation to Taiwan.

Jenner, in an interesting move, endorsed Donald Trump, the former president, for the White House during the 2024 elections. She said in a tweet on X/Twitter that “it’s abundantly obvious Trump is the only one who knows what it takes to win a general.” He can appeal to ALL AMERICANS, not just his base. He has created a large party, a coalition that the GOP hasn’t had in years.

Trump is the exact opposite of Biden. His pores are awash with masculinity and strength. You did not witness the same level of global instability that you do now, with Biden at the Oval Office. China, North Korea, and all of our enemies were quiet. They knew that they could not mess with Trump. He would not accept this type of garbage from their countries.

Let’s hope that if Trump is not the next president we will at least have someone like him to keep order in our country and abroad.