California Senate Passes Bill that Would Punish Doctors for COVID Misinformation


Californians for Good Governance (a nonpartisan group) reported Monday night that the California Senate passed an Orwellian bill that would allow the state medical board to call doctors who don’t support the party line on COVID “unprofessional”. These doctors could lose their ability to express their opinions and their licenses.

Evan Low, a Democrat Assemblyman introduced AB 2098 in February. It is a textbook on censorship.

According to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data, COVID-19 death rates in people who are not vaccinated are 11 times greater than in those who are fully vaccinated.

This stat is suspect because there have been many studies that come up with different conclusions.

The CDC admitted that it made a mistake in responding to COVID. We are supposed to believe everything that comes from Director Rochelle Wilensky.

The Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed the safety and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines. The CDC continues to monitor the safety of these vaccines.

Many doctors and researchers aren’t confident in the safety and effectiveness of mRNA injections. Many countries have banned mRNA shots from children’s use.

The spread of misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines has eroded public confidence and put lives at risk.

Many of the arguments COVID vaccine skeptics are now proven to be true. Barbara Ferrer was Los Angeles’ Public health Director. Ferrer acknowledged that some marketing shots that didn’t work so well and were difficult.

Did the vaccines prevent you from getting COVID? Can we blindly believe their claims despite their poor track records?

A statement was issued by the Federation of State Medical Boards warning doctors that disinformation or COVID-19 vaccine information could result in their losing their medical license. It is the responsibility of physicians to provide accurate, scientifically-based information for their patients.

The state medical board will decide what doctors can and cannot say. What is misinformation exactly? The bill has a definition.

Misinformation refers to false information that is contrary to current scientific consensus. In contravention of the standard for care.

Although the original bill did not include these words, they were amended to add the phrase “contrary to the standard of care”. Katy Grimes, an American journalist, wrote in the California Globe about the “chilling” definition before the amendment was passed. These words still hold true today.

Many medical professionals have referred to this definition as “medical Tyranny”. Imagine if the Legislature were to treat cancer the same way. Is there any scientific consensus? Are physicians at risk of losing their licenses if they try new treatments for cancer patients?

Many legal challenges will be faced by the bill. Physicians for Informed Consent (an educational non-profit) has filed a First Amendment lawsuit against the California Medical Board.

The Board’s position on Covid misinformation (AB 2098) is anti-doctor. It is also antiscience and anti-free speech. PIC stands up for its members’ constitutional rights.

Let’s hope they win. This horrible bill is an attack on doctors and freedom of speech.