California Senator Scott Wiener Plagiarizes The Minority Report Targeting Patriot Groups


In stifling free speech, individual rights, and peaceful assembly, the California Legislature is in complete agreement with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Californians, especially those who believe strongly in free speech, and the right to assembly, have been active protestors in their communities and at the state capital. The exercise of civil liberties, particularly on the pro-life and constitutional conservative ends, has increased from the People’s Convoy to Kayakers for Climate Change to protests against the “Infanticide” Bill (AB 2223).

It is therefore particularly troubling that a bill to replicate the January 6 committee’s ideals and target groups who use patriotic speech or participate in protests in order to seek redress from the government has flown under the radar and is expected to be voted into legislation.

NTD News:

California Democrats may be using the January 6 hearings in Washington D.C. to push legislation that would target the tax-exempt status of patriot groups in the State. These groups could pose a threat to “insurrection,” according to the legislation.

Senate Bill 834 would allow Rob Bonta, the state attorney general, to review non-profit organizations and refer cases to California Franchise Tax Board in order to remove their tax-exempt status. This is supposedly to protect against “insurrection.”

This bill is the principal author by Scott Wiener, a San Francisco senator (D-for Deviant),

Wiener strongly believes that targeting children of other people is what will make him a successful career. This belief is supported by the fact that he is a member of the same San Francisco Cabal as Rep. Eric Swalwell (D–FangFang).

Wiener was the author of the bill that lowers the age for sexual consent by ten years. This allows a 25-year-old adult to have sex without being accused as a sexual predator or placed on the sexual offender register. SB 866 is another Wiener bill that raises eyebrows. It aims to eliminate parental consent for children 12 years and older so they can get vaccinated.

Wiener proposed this bill during the national outrage about children not being allowed to attend Pride Month Drag Queen shows.

Wiener isn’t qualified to be a dog catcher or a senator.

But, here we are.

Scott Wiener, the state senator from San Francisco, has authored the bill. It would allow the attorney general, to determine if a non-profit organization “has actively participated in, or incited active engagement in acts or conspiracies”. The attorney general must notify the California Franchise Tax Board, the state equivalent to the IRS, to revoke tax-exempt status for any organization found in violation.

The Senate 28-12 passed SB 834 on May 23. The Assembly Appropriations Committee approved it, and the bill was moved to Tuesday’s Assembly Public Safety Committee. It will be voted on by the Assembly if it is passed.

Sen. Wiener explained to the committee that the bill’s intent is to increase the authority of the California Franchise Tax Board “to revoke tax-exempt status for nonprofits if it is determined by the attorney general that the nonprofit has incited or engaged in various crimes, including treason and insurrection.”

It’s basically “The Minority Report”, except that it targets pre-crime instead of pre-insurrection.

We were certain that Californians live in a dystopian nightmare before.

Wiener would like to expand the powers of the California Attorney General through the state’s Franchise Tax Board. The idea is that Rob Bonta, the current AG, would be able to do what Obama did in 2012. Obama used the IRS to target Tea Party conservatives. Bonta could use the FTB to attack Patriot groups.

This is a chilling thought, but it shows how far-reaching Senator Joe Lieberman and his ideas are. This is also a sign of how far the Democrat Supermajority will go to push its agenda because it can. These progressive legislators were among those who watched the Joke-6 hearings and thought that the farce was actually changing minds and hearts. Since then, they have concluded that the policy Pelosi is implementing on Capitol Hill is good for Sacramento.

Wiener asks, what is Wiener’s definition of “active engagement” in “acts and conspiracies?” How will this be determined? Even better, who will decide this: Law enforcement The state legislature? Does a rando Wiener meet on the street?

The bills that California’s legislature creates are, as usual, devoid of any substance. How will the person who is assigned this task monitor and identify those groups that are violating laws? How will the tax-exempt status be removed? This is the most important question.

It is likely that the Joke-6 benefits American citizens in about the same amount: Not. One. Bit.

Wiener also needs to answer whether Antifa or BLM will have their tax-exempt status targeted. The BLM co-founder Patrisse Cullors, with her multiple house scam, has already violated tax laws. Since 2020, both groups have caused untold violence and destruction, and with the help of California’s woke D.A.s, have committed acts that fall under sedition, and have destroyed any notion of public safety. Just ask Republican Lt. Governor candidate Angela Jacobs Underwood, whose brother was murdered in 2020 by BLM while he was guarding an Oakland courthouse.

If the bill is passed, will BLM or Antifa be considered test cases for SB834? Or will it only apply to groups progressives dislike?

Blatantly violating federal laws is another issue. Although the Franchise Tax Board uses state business files to create a California non-profit entity, they do not have any control over whether or not that entity is tax-exempt. This is solely the responsibility of the Internal Revenue Service.

Nonprofit status is determined by the articles of incorporation and trust documents. Tax-exempt status is governed by federal law. The Internal Revenue Code refers specifically to federal income tax exemption.

Any attempt to make this law executive is not only against the First Amendment rights of tax-exempt groups but also against federal tax law. It would be reasonable to assume that someone who claims to be an attorney would have done some research on this.

However, judging by the track record of Governor Hair Gel Newsom and this legislature, it seems that the only things that matter are grandstanding and virtue signaling. They also want to strip Californians of their freedoms.