Calvin Klein Salutes Mothers, Including a Pregnant Man


Calvin Klein has released a titillating commercial this month, in case you haven’t seen it.

It was posted on Instagram and enjoyed its reproduction. It chose a salute from a series of photographs. The most fascinating: are the ones that include a pregnant man.

Mother’s Day was the day that the campaign was launched. The caption that was above the collection read:

Today, in support of women and mothers all over the world, we’re spotlighting the realities of new families.

First featured were Kylie, a South African painter and mother to an infant named Wild.

Next, we move on to something progressive, to the tunes of transgenderism and toplessness.

Roberto (Bete), is due to give birth soon to Noah, his and Erika’s son.

The Instagram post can be viewed here:


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Here is a photo on Twitter:

MSN reports that Roberto’s pregnant partner is a biological man who identifies himself as a woman. How did the couple — “Brazilian reality stars” per Microsoft News — end up expecting? Their method of making it happen isn’t made clear.

Calvin Klein isn’t so sure either nor do they care.

“You can either reproduce biologically or directly from your heart. Our place is to love and to be loved.”

Roberto isn’t the first bun in the oven boy in the world.

The complexity of pregnancy has increased to an unprecedented level

It is part of a larger change:

Calvin Klein’s modern maternity nod was not shared by everyone on Instagram.

The brand responded with a statement.

This platform is a safe space for individualism, self-expression, and diversity. Calvin Klein tolerates all except intolerance. Any intolerant comments will be removed and accounts that make hateful statements could be blocked. We are looking forward to continuing a positive, inclusive dialogue with our community.

If they define “intolerance” as disagreement, then they are also intolerant of disagreeing with their definitions. Maybe I am just confused.

Culturally, we have come a long way. This clip from Monty Python’s Life of Brian will convince you of the extent of our progress.

Rotten Tomatoes scores: 95% by critics and 93% by the public.

Returning to Calvin, I have a question: The company claims Roberto is a male, but why are they not calling him a “mother?” It is possible that there has been misgendering.

There is a lot of work to be done because of the multiple ways that sex and gender are being juggled. We’ll eventually get it all sorted out.

We will, without a doubt.