Canada’s Use Of Terrorist Laws Against Peaceful Protest Draws International Condemnation


    After the Canadian government announced that it would use anti-terrorism laws to stop peaceful protests by its citizens, politicians in the United States and all over the globe condemned it.

    Chrystia Freeland, Canada’s deputy prime minister, stated yesterday that Canada is expanding its anti-money laundering rules and terrorist financing regulations to include crowdfunding platforms and payment service providers.

    “These changes apply to all forms of transactions, including digital assets like cryptocurrencies.”

    “The illegal blockades have shown that some payment service providers and crowdfunding platforms are not fully seized under the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.”

    International condemnation was sparked by the Canadian government’s use of terrorist laws to prevent the peaceful movement of its citizens.

    Nayib Bukele, President of El Salvador, stated that Canada has lost its credibility in matters of democracy, freedom, and governance.

    Bukele asked, “Are these people who like giving lessons to other countries regarding democracy and freedom?” “This country is ranked number one in the democracy index.” These topics are worth 0.

    Warren Davidson, a Republican from Ohio, stated that he would introduce legislation to Congress to protect American citizens and prevent similar events in the U.S.

    Davidson stated that “our office will soon be introducing legislation to the US House of Representatives in order to protect Americans against this type of overt theft.”

    “Please inform your Senators and Members of Congress.”

    J.D. and Josh Mandel are the two candidates for the U.S. Senate. Vance and Josh Mandel also condemned Canada’s actions.

    Vance stated that crypto is taking off because of this. If you are not in the right political party, you will be denied access to banks.

    Mandel said, “If you think Biden has reached this level of tyranny, think again.” “Yet another reason why freedom-loving Americans should support Bitcoin.”

    Blake Masters, Arizona senator candidate, said that Trudeau had shown himself to be a psychopath.

    The suggestion by the Canadian deputy prime minister that the government could somehow block cryptocurrency payments is a joke.

    The government cannot intercept or freeze cryptocurrency transactions made via decentralized wallets.

    Some cryptocurrency wallets can be tied to centralized exchanges, and therefore are susceptible to being blocked. Others are completely decentralized and are limited to unique strings of numbers and letters known as “hashes”.

    Anybody can send money to a wallet by knowing its unique hash, regardless of where they are located. No government can stop it.