Canadian Performance Disgraced by EU Parliament Member


Christine Anderson is the Alternative for Germany party’s (AfD), representative in the European Parliament. She first became aware of Trudeau in March 2022, when he was speaking to the European Parliament. Anderson called Trudeau “a disgrace to any democracy”, accusing him of admiring the Chinese dictatorship and trampling upon “fundamental rights” by persecuting his citizens as terrorists for daring to challenge his perverted notion of democracy. She advised Trudeau to “Please save us your presence.”

It is easy to think back to such fearless and feisty political figures like Giorgia Maloni in Italy or Danielle Smith, premier here in Alberta. In today’s censorious, degenerate political climate, it is difficult for parliamentarians and populist leaders to survive. One thinks back to Maggie Thatcher, Britain’s “Iron Lady”, the most important and determined prime minister since Winston Churchill. Both were discredited by their own feckless party as well as an indifferent electorate.

Anderson is now under fire. She was welcomed to Canada by three Conservative Party members, but they quickly had to backtrack and apologize. They also claimed ignorance about the policies and ideas of such a nefarious personage. What were those ideas and policies?

She wasn’t, as many Westerners are, blinded by the pitiable charm offensive from Ukraine’s corrupt Volodymyr Zeleskyy. This war is as much a result of NATO’s encroachment upon Russia’s borders as it is Putin’s belligerence. Anderson has added to the list of Anderson transgressions. According to The Globe and Mail, she opposed vaccine mandates and supported the truckers’ convoy to Canada last year. She denies that man-made climate change is a hoax. She has also decried the unfettered Muslim migration into Germany and Europe, a policy that threatens Europe’s cohesion. Her crimes are evidently numerous, according to the bleaters.

Anderson was wrongly convicted for three and four transgressions. Pierre Poilievre of the Federal Conservative Party, who was widely expected to guide Canada after the Partridge King’s devastations, criticized Anderson through Sebastian Skamski, his media spokesperson: “Christine Anderson’s views are vile, and have no place in politics…Frankly, it would be better that Anderson never visited Canada. Her racist and hateful views, as well as her presence here, are not welcomed.

Anderson was a convivial CINO who met with them and they were quick to bow to the Party’s mood. We were unaware of her views and associations with her political party. We don’t share her views or endorse them and strongly condemn hateful views.” One person wrote that she regretted attending a meeting without asking for input from staff members and without doing a thorough [sic] screening of those or organizations I was meeting, which is my normal practice. This is my fault. Anderson admitted, “I will do better.”

Trudeau was enjoying his moment of schadenfreude. According to Toronto, Star Anderson is a “known extremist.” Trudeau responded to the incident by saying that there was a consistent pattern of Conservative politicians associating themselves with people who are responsible for the vile level rhetoric and hatred …’.

You might think that Anderson’s refusal to allow Muslim immigration and refugees into Europe would give Jewish organizations cause for concern, given the obvious damage it has done to countries like Germany and France. This was not the case due to the weak-kneed diaspora representatives. I was shocked at the ignorance displayed by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. They also condemned Christine Anderson’s visit, calling it “Islamophobic and anti-immigrant views”. Bernie Farber, the former CEO of Canada’s Jewish Congress, tweeted that Christine Anderson is part of an anti-LGBTQ+ and racist far-right party.

This is absurd nonsense. Anderson is both a realist as well as a courageous campaigner for truth. He understands the danger that excessive Muslim immigration poses to the unity, prosperity, and security of the West, not least because of Woke ideology. Anderson’s presence in the West would be a surprise to any responsible and rational Jewish group with even a passing knowledge of Islamic scriptures and practices. People say “unbelievable!”

It is both shameful and predictable to see the collective reaction of sanctimonious horror at Christine Anderson’s visit. We still have people like Anderson in this country, although they are a small minority. They are people of high character and caliber. The fledgling PPC’s Maxime Bernier was Canada’s last hope and the only leader of a party who displayed courage and integrity. It was the type of meeting she deserved, exchanging views and opinions with a respectable, highly intelligent, morally committed party leader. This is perhaps the rare breed in this country. Anderson’s sincere gratitude to the Canadian people was expressed in this interview before the cowardly and vindictive attacks against her by the party, press, and religious organizations. It is hard to imagine what Anderson might have said if she had known the reception she received and the torrent of tawdry apologies made by all those who hosted her.

One thing is certain: The major political parties, their timorous associates, and legacy media are all equally guilty. Christine Anderson deserves to be reprimanded.