Charlie Crist Basically Concedes to Ron DeSantis With Confusingly Bad Campaign Statement


After Charlie Crist, a former Republican defeated Nikki Fried’s parodical Democrat governor candidate, the legend of Nikki Fried came to an abrupt halt. As Crist sets out to defeat Gov., we now have our first general election musings. Ron DeSantis and they are something.

On the morning of his primary victory, the Democrat presented perhaps the most disastrous political strategy I have ever seen. We’ll be discussing why this is in a second, but for now, let’s look at the tape.

In front of millions upon millions of Florida voters, Crist basically conceded the election to Ron DeSantis. The state’s current governor is supported by a majority of its voters. This is how he got elected governor. Crist cannot win without attracting some of his supporters, so his response is to tell those voters to vote for DeSantis. Cotton, it’s a bold strategy.

Is this a line he actually meant to write or an accidental error to remind us how awful a politician Crist really is? Florida is a majority GOP state in voter registration. The Sunshine State currently has 5.2M Republican voters. There are 4.96M Democrats registered. It is simple math that there aren’t enough Democrats for Crist to be governor, even if he does not carry any completely unrealistic numbers of independents.

He needs GOP crossover votes and he isn’t going to get them by telling DeSantis voters to pound the sand. But, I don’t think Crist actually wants to win. Consider his first campaign commercial.

His rallying cry will be “Defeat Fascism”. Really? This is the best that the Washington campaign’s overpaid consultants could conjure up. He implies that Floridians in millions are fascists, but he fails to recognize that the state is a bastion for freedom and economic success. Only 2.7 percent of the state’s unemployment rate is reported. This message is not a winning one. This California campaign is being run in a state that’s only getting redder.

It is also quasi-religious because he suggests that people who vote for DeSantis should have “hate” in their hearts. What is Crist’s view of inflation? Lock-downs? The Second Amendment Abortion? We don’t know, he’s too busy giving woke incantations.

DeSantis, 10.