Chicago Driver Carjacked as Other Drivers Pass By


The dramatic video captures the moment that a Chicago motorist was carjacked by a group of armed men in a coordinated blindside attack. This incident highlights the rampant crime wave in the city.

The surveillance footage that has been shared and posted online appears to show a victim who was parked along the side of a road near an intersection in the 1700 block on North Western when several armed individuals approached and stole his vehicle.

The crime occurred at night, and the victim had his headlights on while idling. Suddenly, an SUV from the opposite direction and a sedan from the same direction converged across multiple lanes and enveloped the vehicle. This prevented the victim’s escape. The SUV’s front seat passenger exits the vehicle and points the firearm at the victim.

When the victim is seen trying to move forward, the driver of an SUV moves forward as well to block his escape. Two more suspects emerge from the sedan to stand near the vehicle. Assailants then gain entry into the victim’s car.

The victim is pulled out of the car, and seen lying facedown in the street a few seconds later as the SUV and sedan drive off. He is conscious, looking around but lying still.

Two of the carjackers are in the victim’s car, but they do not drive off immediately. After a short time, the other carjackers return, and all three vehicles including the victim’s drive off.

The whole video, including the crime depicted in it, lasted less than two minutes.

These thieves have experience stealing cars, based on their close coordination and timing.

As the crime occurs, at least seven vehicles are seen driving through the intersection.

The Chicago Police Department was contacted for more information about the incident, but we did not receive a reply immediately.

The Democrat-run City, which was led by former mayor Lori Lightfoot until her successor Brandon Johnson, won the mayoral elections in 2023, has succumbed to a violent and criminal wave.

Dozens of people, including a 6-year-old, were shot in Chicago over Labor Day weekend. The violent shootings also included a 13-year-old, who was shot in the head, and two 15-year-old teens were among six killed in separate incidents.