Chicago Teachers Union Delegate Says He Will Report Members Who Attend Work


    A Chicago Teachers Union delegate, Alex Forgue, recently claimed that he would “report” union workers who work in their schools. Forgue said he will be reporting on the names of members that go in. He said that the union had not given instructions to delegates to keep track of who enters work.

    When asked if he made the comment online, Forgue replied “Yes,” “But, CTU hasn’t instructed any delegates how to keep track of who went in. CTU leadership has not spoken out about the consequences of going in.

    Lori Lightfoot, Chicago Mayor recently said that the Chicago Teacher’s Union (CTU), was holding students “hostage”, refusing to allow teachers to go to work on Thursday for in-person learning. The CTU claimed they were afraid of spreading COVID-19.

    Lightfoot said that she would not allow the Chicago Teachers Union to take our children hostage.

    Forgue stated that he was monitoring individuals who came to work to observe participation in “remote actions” at his school and added that only one union member was not participating in the strike.

    Later, he retracted his Facebook comment and stated that he didn’t plan to send any list “to [sic] CTU because they haven’t asked for it”.

    Forgue stated that the only thing he can report is how many members took part and how many didn’t.