Children Rescued from Disturbing Boston Apartment, Escaping Environment of Drag and Drugs


Four terrified children who had cried out for help were rescued after a desperate cry in the back of an apartment in Boston. The authorities were called to the scene in order to help an adult who was experiencing cardiac arrest. The police entered an apparent drag event that included sex toys, drug paraphernalia, and six adults who “appeared to be male.”

Boston 25 News reported:

According to a police report, emergency crews were dispatched to the apartment just after 11 am on Saturday morning. Boston Fire and EMS were the first to arrive, followed by police. A dead adult was found. The cause of death is still under investigation.

The report I read from the fire department stated that firefighters discovered six men “who appeared to be males” inside the apartment. Four children were found in the back bedroom. One of the men attempted to prevent first responders from entering the room in which they discovered the children aged 5-10. According to the report, the adults refused to cooperate and denied that there were children in the apartment.

It is unclear what the relationship between the children and adults was. Both the fire and police departments filed reports at the Department of Children and Families (DCF) of the state. The police officers mentioned the “conditions of the home.”

NECN spoke to Erin Murphy of Boston City Council, who said she had spoken with Boston firefighters who discovered the children. Murphy said that there was a lot of uncleanliness and hoarding in the apartment. There were sex toys, drug paraphernalia, and a lot of other things all over the home.

Murphy stated that it was at this time that “one of the firefighters heard a voice that they believed was a child calling for help.” She also said that some revelers tried to prevent the firefighters from locating the children. “And when the man opened the door, there were four children in the back room, along with what I think are two adults. It was very disturbing for him, and the kids seemed to be scared.”

Sam Dillon, President of Boston Firefighters Local 718 told NECN that “I believe our firefighters saved [the children]’s lives.” He added that “Had the Boston firefighters not responded quickly, and had they not observed everything that was happening, this could have been a much worse situation.”

DCF confirmed to a spokesperson that the children who were living in Southie public housing apartments had been taken into custody.

According to a similar story, in the past year, the number of Americans that said same-sex relationships were morally acceptable has plummeted. Several years ago, when LGB was the only option, most people didn’t care about adults who were willing to dress themselves. Parents took note when the TQ+ crowd jumped on the rainbow bandwagon and began grooming and indoctrinating schoolchildren and toddlers.

The Boston Children’s Story won’t get much love from mainstream media. This is something they don’t want to be known about. They only want to suppress news that contradicts their ideology and promote woke narratives.

You get the picture. If these crimes were committed by someone wearing a MAGA cap or in a Catholic School, they would dominate the front page of prime-time news for several days. Big Media ignores these crimes because they are committed by Leftist perverts.