Chris Christie’s Attacks on DeSantis and Trump Filled with Desperation and Chaos


Chris Christie has entered the presidential race for 2024 at the request of no one. The disgraced ex-New Jersey governor announced on Tuesday his candidacy in front of an audience that resembled a focus group.

He did the same thing he does every time, which is his routine of “I am the only one who has the courage to accomplish anything.” Christie, who is from Jersey, has a knack for fast-talking and delivering a shot. It’s just that most of what he says isn’t hitting the mark.

Christie’s attack on Ron DeSantis during his speech was not as effective as Nikki Haley’s criticism of Disney.

This statement has several problems. First, should I be angry that DeSantis refused to compromise on his principles and values and stuck to his promises? What else should we expect of any Republican running for the nomination in 2024? I want a President who is honest and will fight for the right. DeSantis also said nothing wrong about Kevin McCarthy’s deal to raise the debt ceiling. Even if it is the best deal that McCarthy could get, this deal is bad.

It’s also dishonest to portray the Florida Legislature as being subservient to DeSantis. DeSantis was forced to fight with his supposed allies in order to decide whether to give up on redistricting. The hard-fought victories against transgenderism and the protection of children were also not just handed to him. DeSantis needed to gradually bend the Florida Legislature to his will. It’s leadership. Christie may not know what it is.

Christie was not done. He went on CNN, with Jake Tapper – a red flag in itself – to take a jab at Donald Trump.

It’s interesting that Christie was involved in Trump’s preparation for the 2020 debates. He was assisting a “puppet” of Putin. Wouldn’t this also make him a puppet of Putin?

This kind of attack will never be successful in a Republican Primary, which is a good thing. Christie can ask Trump about his COVID answer and the lack of action on certain promises. It’s lazy and stupid to go down the leftwing resistance path of saying the former president was a Russian asset. This is the sort of thing that people expect to read in The New York Times or on MSNBC. This ignores the fact that Trump didn’t actually govern in a manner that helped or coddled Moscow. What’s the real issue?

Christie’s strategy is not a good one if he wants to run a campaign in which he tries to nuke everybody. I understand that he’s trying to be the bully and throw insults. For entertainment’s sake (I find primary battles entertaining), I don’t mind him throwing his weight around. Come on, saying DeSantis does not compromise enough and Trump works for Putin are weak claims.