Chris Cuomo’s New Show Opens to Embarrassing Ratings on NewsNation


According to Nielsen Media Research, Chris Cuomo’s show on NewsNation received disappointing ratings.

Cuomo was a former host of a CNN primetime program. He started his new job on Monday. However, not many people noticed his efforts. Nielsen stated that the show had only 147,000 viewers and only 8,000 among the desirable 25-to 54-year-old demographic.

Fox News crushed Cuomo, Tucker Carlson’s program attracting nearly a 2.9million viewers, almost 20 times more than Cuomo.

NewsNation is reportedly paying the former CNN host $1 million, which is a fraction of his earnings at the cable news network.

After an investigation by CNN found that Cuomo had acted inappropriately, Cuomo was fired and used his sources help to his brother Andrew Cuomo who was facing sexual harassment allegations as New York’s governor.

In March, the younger Cuomo filed a $140million arbitration filing against CNN alleging that he was wrongfully fired from his job. He claimed that his journalistic integrity had been destroyed by the company.

On Monday, he addressed CNN’s allegations against him on his new show.

“We are being manipulated by manufactured division, which only serves the interests of fringe and fake. Cuomo stated that it is online only and that TV can echo that message.”

He said, “The majority isn’t about left or right. You’re about reasonable.” He also stated that he wouldn’t be responding to any Twitter comments about his show. “It will be an opportunity for us to discuss society as adults in a room, not some raging extremists or someone with keyboard muscles.”

The New York Post reported that shows like “Spongebob” and “Paw Patrol” had outperformed Cuomo in terms of ratings.

More information about the lawsuit brought against CNN by Cuomo is available here: