Christian School Suspended Indefinitely from Student Sports for Forfeiting Girls Basketball Game Over Transgender Competitor


A Vermont Christian high school canceled a girl’s basketball match against a team that featured a boy who identified as a girl. The school was now banned from participating in any other competitions

Townhall shared details about the incident, which involved a scheduled tournament against Long Trail School on Feb 21.

Vicky Fogg, head of MVCS stated in a statement that she withdrew from the tournament “because we believe playing against an enemy with a biological man jeopardizes both the fairness and safety of our players.”

Fogg said that allowing biological males to take part in women’s sports sets a poor precedent for the future.

According to reports, Long Trail’s team is making progress in the tournament.

The Vermont Principals’ Association administers school sports in the state and announced Monday that MVCS was ineligible to participate in any future sporting events or activities.

“The VPA reiterates its support for transgender student-athletes. This is not only part of building an inclusive community where each student can grow and thrive but also as a clear expectation in Vermont state law(s), in the Agency of Education Best Practices, and in VPA Policy concerning transgender students athletes.”

The announcement also outlined the “gender identity” policies of the association and stated that they were supported by Vermont law.

The VPA is committed to providing students the opportunity to take part in VPA activities in ways that are compatible with their gender identity, as outlined in the Vermont Agency of Education Best Practices For Schools For Gender Nonconforming Students. Discrimination on the basis of a student’s sex or gender is prohibited.

Transgender athletes in women’s sports are becoming a major discriminatory issue. But not against the boys who want to be treated as girls. In the name of a new trend that isn’t supported historically, scientifically, or medically, women are being asked to keep silent or lose their right to fair play. Young women are being forced to share lockers and trophies with men who are males in all other ways than what they identify as.

Riley Gaines, a college-level champion swimmer, has spoken out against men invading women’s sports. She tied Lia Thomas, a male-to-female transgender swimmer, in an NCAA competition last season. However, Thomas was awarded the trophy by the NCAA.

This veteran athlete is now a proponent of protecting women’s sports against dangerous gender ideology. Gaines shared a locker room space with a straight man who identified as female in a viral essay.

“I saw a male 6’4″ exposing his male parts in the women’s locker room.”

‘To be perfectly clear, the anatomy I and many other women were forced to view, confirms Thomas is a male.’

Gaines stated that she asked National Collegiate Athletic Association officials for a change of clothes, as she didn’t intend to undress in front of men.

“They told me that no protections were in place to allow me to make changes in a space that Thomas didn’t have access to.

“To sum it all up, the NCAA placed the burden on the female to not undress in front of a biological male with biological parts who are sexually attracted towards women,” Gaines stated that “this should sink in”.

The World Surf League recently announced that it would allow transgender athletes to join the women’s competition. Bethany Hamilton, aka Soul Surfer, responded that she will withdraw from competition if she has to compete with male athletes.

A judge also ordered that the USA Powerlifting Association allow male athletes to identify as females in competition. They are looking for appeals.