Civil War Explodes in the White House as the Rush to Absolve Joe Biden of All His Failures Commences


The Democratic Party’s civil war has been ongoing for well over a decade. There have been direct clashes between the progressive caucus, and the so-called moderates within the party. The latter is desperately trying to hold on to their swing districts.

There was also a fracturing of heads between Harris’ staff and the White House. RedState has extensively reported on this, noting how Harris’ staffers sometimes cried racism.

The White House has remained resolute, and united and has often defended Biden at all costs, trying to shift any blame. NBC News reports that Biden is letting his handlers’ complaints fly after the internal ceasefire collapsed.

Washington — President Joe Biden faces a worsening political situation and is pressing his aides to craft a stronger message and a better strategy. He also bristles at the way they have tried to suppress the plain-speaking personality that has been one of Biden’s most powerful assets.

People close to Biden say that Biden is agitated by his declining approval ratings and wants to regain voters’ faith that he can deliver the kind of leadership he promised during the campaign.

Before we get into the details, I want to highlight how NBC News produced this report. It clearly aims to excuse Biden from his self-inflicted failures and spends most of the time blaming his staff. It should not be taken as it is. This is a list of excuses for a mentally ill president whose inability to lead is exactly why his handlers are running the show.

After that, I found it funny that Biden claimed to make “clear, succinct” statements. But, his staff was quick to claim that he meant something different. You’re right. This is Joe Biden. He doesn’t say anything clear or succinct. This is insulting to anyone’s intelligence.

Biden is not only unhappy about policy but also the pattern that has been established in the West Wing. Biden makes a concise and clear statement, only for his aides to rush to clarify that he meant something different. He has said that the so-called clean-up campaign undermines him and dampens his authenticity, which he claims was what fueled his rise. It’s worse, it feeds the Republican talk point that he isn’t fully in control.

Biden’s handlers rush to clean up his mess because they are legitimate. Biden is also the President of the United States, according to my last check. He does not owe anyone in his comms office. If he felt that he was right, he could at any moment order them to stop proving him wrong. However, I doubt that this is what has been going on. Instead, NBC News seems to be trying to retroactively label those previous corrections as nefarious even though Biden probably agreed with them at that time. They are just being used as a convenient scapegoat for the administration’s spiraling out of control.

Beyond that, the report mentions that Biden is angry that he wasn’t informed sooner about the baby formula crisis. It is claimed that he was only told of it one month ago.

Biden is upset that he was not alerted earlier about the shortage of baby formula and that he received his first briefing in the last month, even though it had been obvious for a while.

First, it is hard to believe that, given the public nature of the crisis, which has been ongoing for months and news reports about it going back as far as January. If that is true, why is Pete Buttigieg still Secretary for Transportation? It is cowardly to complain that you have not been informed, but not to punish the person for it.

Again, this is all to absolve Biden from any responsibility for all the things that he has so massively screwed up, without him actually having to be a leader or take action against his administration. This is how paragraphs such as this are obtained from “sources.”

Chris Whipple, who wrote a book on White House chiefs and is currently writing a book on the Biden presidency, said that “They came into with the most daunting set of challenges arguably since Franklin D. Roosevelt.” “What’s next? Locusts?”

To be clear, Biden’s claim that his plate is uniquely and historically full of food is nonsense. Biden came to office with COVID vaccines, and a plan to end the pandemic. The economy was already on the verge of booming and was in a strong recovery. The gas prices were very low, and the foreign policy was extremely stable.

Everything was dismissed as chance. Biden had an opportunity to stop Russia from its tracks, by launching crippling sanctions earlier than expected and not nuking US oil production. This only strengthened Vladimir Putin’s hand. The president was entirely responsible for the Afghanistan disaster. The “American Rescue Plan”, a $2 trillion-dollar, an unnecessary spending bill that spent way too much money in an already hot economy, was the main cause of inflation. The fact that Biden presided over the doubling in gas prices is obvious, while the conflict in Ukraine is just a small part of the problem.

Biden has no excuses. Biden is the problem. He is the problem. This is a pathetic attempt to exonerate him from his failures. There are different people who can help. A different president is the only solution.