Classic Video Clip Of Rush Limbaugh Obliterating Woke Virtue-Signaling In 1993 Is Still As Relevant As Ever


This video clip, which is almost three decades old, shows Rush Limbaugh being able to eliminate virtue-signaling within 45 seconds.

Merriam-Webster defines virtue signaling as: “Conspicuously paying attention to social and racial injustices and political issues, etc. rather than taking any action.”

According to a Boston Globe article “virtue-signaling” was first used on online message boards in 2004. The Spectator published a 2015 article titled, “The terrible rise in virtue signaling.” Google Trends has shown that “virtue signaling” was not popularized until the summer of 2017. This term was popularized in June 2020.

Rush Limbaugh knew the entire concept of virtue signaling back in 1993. Rush Limbaugh could effectively ridicule this concept before anyone even gave it a name.

Back in the 1990s, there was no Facebook or Twitter that let you add filters to your profile photo. People would wear ribbons as a way to show support for various causes.

Leukemia is often associated with orange ribbons. To raise awareness about missing children, yellow ribbons can be used. To protest urban violence, lavender ribbons can be used. Blue ribbons can also be worn to protest bullying. In the 1990s, a red ribbon was used for HIV/AIDS awareness.

There were some people who felt pressured to wear a red band when they saw the AIDS epidemic of 1993.

The red ribbons were a way Hollywood actors showed the world they cared about AIDS. The New York Times described 1965 Academy Awards attendees as a “seamed” of red AIDS ribbons in 1993.

According to the Los Angeles Times, “When Billy Crystal hosted Monday’s Academy Awards, it shocked us to see that he did not wear the red ribbon symbolizing AIDS awareness. ”

“The Los Angeles Times remarked that the next morning, several radio stations were abuzz about the to-wear-or-not-to-wear (an AIDS Ribbon) controversy.” The Los Angeles Times reported that Rush Limbaugh called Crystal the “bravest man in Hollywood” because he didn’t feel like he was being forced to follow the herd.

Limbaugh used ribbon controversy to show how shallow and stupid virtue signaling was.

In 1993 America’s Anchorman completely destroyed virtue-signaling in waking during an episode on his syndicated television show

Limbaugh added six different colored ribbons to his suit. He joked with the studio audience about how much he cared about it.

Bob, a legendary radio host, asked his listeners for their lapels. He then asked his listeners to examine their lapels.

To his own question, he replied: “You don’t see anything because you are not wearing any ribbons.”

El Rushbo said that you were not as virtuous if you didn’t wear the ribbon.

Limbaugh said, “It signifies that you are a racist.” This means that you are prone to sexist tendencies. This means that you are homophobic. This could indicate that you are a white male or European. All the problems in America are your fault.

He then triumphantly stated, “But, but, I’m still not because I’m wearing these ribbons.” “You care less than me. ”

The absurdity in the premise makes the audience laugh.

Limbaugh’s famous clip of him degrading liberal virtue-signaling went viral on Sunday.

Limbaugh’s lessons about virtue signaling still hold true nearly 30 years later.