Clueless Media Shocked America Tunes Out Omicron’s Ominous Threat


    Axios, a far-left propaganda website, posted this beauty Tuesday: America tunes in Omicron news despite an ominous threat. What scientific evidence is there to declare the Omicron variant “ominous”? This variant has been around for several weeks and only one person has died from it in the U.S.

    Although the Omicron seems to be more contagious than the Delta, it’s too early to declare it an “ominous danger.” However, there’s another school of thought that suggests the Omicron variant may be less dangerous and could be our way out of this mess. It is possible to achieve herd immunity if everyone catches the less dangerous variant.

    Omicron may prove to be more deadly than the Delta, but there’s no reason for Omicron to be a headline like this. It is also almost certain that scare headlines such as this are what partly explain why Americans continue to fear porn.

    Two years have passed since the pandemic began. This means that, despite the ongoing efforts of the organized left and fake media to scare us into joining their ranks, we now know the final score. We are all vaccinated and most of us understand the risk. So we go on with our lives and ignore fear porn.

    Even if they have been vaccinated, there are still people who feel at risk. Why it matters: While news attention was high in the Delta wave’s early days, Omicron has not had the same effect. The response could be hindered by a lack of awareness.

    The big picture: News readers have become more accustomed to the same cycle of coverage, which has led to fatigue and a loss of urgency in COVID news. We’re not so obsessed with the reality of life that we have lived with for two years.

    The Omicron variant’s only notable feature is its jump in “cases.” However, Americans are now well-educated and savvy enough to understand that “cases”, while a useful number, is just that — a propaganda number to get people to comply. Hospitalizations and deaths are the only important numbers, and they have remained relatively steady for now.

    People are living their lives as they should. Why not? None, so far.

    Let’s not forget Florida, Texas, which are two ongoing success stories that show normal life can be possible without spreading death. Florida and Texas are faring better than fascist states such as New York, despite not having fascist vaccines or masks or closing schools.

    People aren’t scared because they don’t know what to do. We know that most headlines describing “ominous threats” are false news. And, even if they were, we already know what risks we are willing to take and what precautions we need.

    After getting vaccinated, my mask was thrown away. Yes, my town has a mandate for masks, but I don’t follow it. I don’t see any reason to wear one so I refuse. However, I still have hand sanitizer in my car and use it every time I go to the store.

    Hand washing seems sensible based on my knowledge about the virus and my tolerance for risk. However, I must add that I am resigned to one day getting the virus.

    Another thing I know is that fake news outlets such as Axios and CNN are not the best places to find information about coronavirus. These outlets, instead of educating, serve a fascist far-left government agenda, with anti-science headlines such as “ominous danger.”