CNN Finally Covers the Twitter Files but Still Can’t Admit the Truth


CNN is making progress, but still has a lot to do. This can be seen in its treatment of “The Twitter Files.”

Even though the network that was last in news could not discuss Elon Musk’s information, it managed to CNN it up. It was able to remain the propaganda mouthpiece of the Democrat Party and to present one of the most ridiculous defenses of Democrats you’ll ever see.

Poppy Harlow (CNN host) opened the segment on Twitter Files. She directed it at Oliver Darcy (the latter) and Donie O’Sullivan (the latter). Despite being right in front, the files didn’t contain any evidence that there was collusion between Twitter and Democrats.

“The Twitter files, however, showed me that I believed the messy content moderation was behind-the-scenes. I think we are now seeing & it’s not surprising that we are also seeing that not everybody is on the same page when making these difficult decisions. ”

“What was most notable was the claim that Elon Musk’s hand-picked reporter Matt Taibbi said that there was no evidence to suggest that the government attempted to suppress this story. This was an assertion Elon Musk made while hyping the Twitter files.”

It was pointed out that Twitter had been warned by the government about a story featuring “foreign hackers.”

According to the Twitter files that Conservatives Daily and Darcy are looking at, there were constant requests for moderation between Twitter’s government and Twitter, as we previously reported. Matt Taibbi mentions in his third installment that Twitter files that the government was “clearly communicating with federal officials.”

While there’s no evidence that the government attempted to interfere in the Hunter Biden laptop story, it is clear that officials from Twitter had been in touch with officials and staff to try to influence social media.

CNN decided this was not important enough to be noted. CNN reporters felt that it was a simple matter of passing this off as obvious.

It’s true. The entire story shows a radical bias to the left. CNN never had to deal with this issue.

CNN would be truthful if they reported on how dangerous and obvious their biases have affected the political landscape as a result of political forces interfering with Twitter’s operations.