CNN Reporter Slams Media For Ignoring FBI’s Handling Of Biden Family Business Whistleblower Intel


CNN reporter Sarah Sidner asserts that questions about Hunter Biden’s family business and Hunter Biden’s personal life are legitimate and nonpartisan.

Sidner claimed that her network ignored evidence against Biden over many years, long after the “laptops-from-hell” story was first published in The New York Post.

Sidner’s remarks come after Facebook was notified by the FBI about the imminent “dump” of Russian propaganda. This revelation came before the story about Hunter Biden’s laptop broke in the 2020 election cycle. Whistleblowers claim that Sen. Ron Johnson (R.WI), revealed that FBI leadership prevented agents from investigating Hunter Biden’s laptop while they were communicating via Facebook. This happened after the 2020 election.

Tony Bobulinski was an ex-business associate of Hunter Biden. In 2017, he met Joe and Hunter Biden to discuss their plans for China’s family business. Timothy Thibault was a former FBI “pointman” who received intelligence about a Biden family transaction. Thibault is said to have uncovered the information. Bobulinski claimed that President Joe Biden was involved with the deal, which included 10% held by H for Big Guy.

The New York Post reports that Bobulinski gave three cell phones containing encrypted messages between himself, his business partners and him. Bobulinski also provided financial documents and emails to the FBI detailing the influence-peddling activities of the Biden family abroad during Joe’s vice presidentship. Thibault didn’t follow up with Bobulinski. Bobulinski has reportedly never testified in front of Delaware’s grand jury probing Hunter.

CNN reported that David Weiss (the Trump-appointed United States Attorney) is currently examining whether Hunter or his associates have “violated money laundering, campaign finance, and tax laws, as well as whether Hunter Biden has violated federal firearms and other regulations.” A grand jury was formed as a result of the probe. Witnesses were called to the jury and asked to identify the “big guy”.

Joe Biden’s staff claims that he hasn’t been involved in the family company at least seven times. However, at least 17 occasions have occurred. Polling shows that 58 percent of respondents believe Joe Biden was involved in the family business. Sixty percent of respondents believe Hunter Biden sold access and influence to the president.

Rep. James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky, lashed out at U.S. Treasury Department because it failed to investigate Hunter Biden’s suspicious foreign financial transactions.