Colorado Mass Shooting Suspect Walked Free After Previous Alleged Bomb Threat, The DA Won’t Say Why


Multiple reports claim that Michael Allen, Colorado Springs District Attorney, failed to file formal charges against the suspect in the mass shooting at Colorado Springs on Saturday last year. The man had allegedly threatened his mother with a bomb attack and had made threats to kill him. Allen’s office refused answer to why no charges were filed, and stated that “a public criminal record doesn’t exist” in a statement to Daily Caller News Foundation.

Anderson Lee Aldrich (22), allegedly shot five people and injures many more Saturday night at Colorado Springs’ LGBTQ nightclub Club Q. According to The Gazette, his mother called the authorities on June 18th 2021 accusing him of threatening her with harm using a homemade bomb multiple weapons, ammunition and other weapons. However, Allen was not charged in that case.

The DCNF asked Brent Nelson, Deputy District Attorney, why Aldrich wasn’t formally charged in 2021’s case. He stated that there was no public criminal record.

Colorado’s privacy laws prohibit authorities from acknowledging that a sealed record exists. ABC News and other media outlets requested that the court seal the records regarding Aldrich’s 2021 arrest.

The law states that “Upon inquiry into a sealed file, a criminal justice agency shall respond that there is no public criminal record with respect to the defendant subject to the sealed file.”

After his mother’s report, police called Aldrich and discovered his location on another street. However, he refused surrender to them, according to the release. The authorities evacuated 10 houses in the area and eventually persuaded Aldrich to surrender. He was captured less than five hours after his mother reported him.

According to the release, Aldrich was booked in the El Paso County Jail for two felony menacing and three first-degree kidnapping charges. Multiple reports indicate that the case has been sealed.

Anderson Lee Aldrich requested that The Gazette’s August report on the case be removed from its website. He voiced his concern to The Gazette, saying that “there is absolutely nothing there. The case was dropped.”

According to The Associated Press, court records indicate that Aldrich is facing five murder charges and five bias-motivated crimes causing bodily harm in relation to the Saturday night shooting at Club Q.