Comer Announces About Two Dozen Subpoenas for Biden Family in Sweeping Investigation


James Comer, the chair of the House Oversight Committee, appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures,” with Maria Bartiromo. He announced new information in the Biden Family Scandal that should have Joe Biden sweating.

Comer has uncovered a number of interesting pieces of evidence so far. Comer revealed that this includes things such as a $40,000 payment to Joe Biden, which was laundered by others. Comer pointed out that the $40,000 that Biden received was consistent with what Tony Bobulinski revealed previously about “10% for the big guy,” the big guy being Joe Biden.

He said they also connected the $40,000 to the WhatsApp message Hunter Biden had sent, demanding that the Chinese business associates bring over what he believed they owed. He said Joe Biden was present when he sent the message. Comer claimed that the money was from China, and it was “further proof that Joe Biden benefited from his family’s influence peddling plan.”

Comer said that the case was difficult because the FBI and DOJ were obstructing them as they sought to gather evidence. But, now they have enough accounts to “connect the dots” and trace the money.

Money laundering is what it’s all about. Comer said that the Bidens were involved in a criminal organization. He said that this wasn’t some drug addict who was making wild transactions. Perhaps he was referring to Hunter Biden’s ridiculous op-ed in which he claimed that pursuing the alleged financial fraud would somehow demonize his drug addiction.

Comer claimed that the IRS was defrauded of tax payments because the transactions were complex.

He said that in the future, we would hear a lot more about “loans”, because this was an integral part to “money laundering”, to avoid the IRS taxing the money that came in. He explained that the IRS could be asked about tax fraud in addition to money laundering.

Comer told Bartiromo that subpoenas were “imminent”, and he believed “it would be a big day.” Comer said that the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Jim Jordan, would be interviewing Special Counsel David Weiss in the coming week. He also stated that more documents about the loans were going to drop, and his Committee had received more bank documents.

Comer said that there will be around two dozen subpoenas in the “very, very near future.” He said that we have proven the influence-peddling of the Biden family and now, we are showing Joe Biden’s benefit.

This process included presenting all the evidence in order to convince all Republicans. Comer pointed out that now even Politico, who had questioned the investigation, was publishing a report about how Joe Biden lied about this issue.

It sounds like he is being thorough in ensuring everyone’s on the same page. Grab your popcorn because the subpoenas that are coming will reveal more. Joe Biden will meltdown and sweat when family members of Biden have to testify.