Congressman Mike Levin Sparks Controversy by Advocating for Illegal Influx, Republican Challenger Takes Stand Against Cartels


Mike Levin, a California Democrat, was one of 154 Democrats who voted against H.R.5585 – Agent Raul Gonzalez Officer Safety Act. This Act would create criminal and immigration penalties for illegal aliens who flee federal police in a car. The act was a reaction to the high-speed pursuits that took place in Texas.

It is commendable that Levin visited the Southern Border to admit that there is a “broken immigration system”. Levin agreed with Biden that more resources were needed, not to secure the border but to process illegals who come through. Levin believes the Border Patrol should be responsible for ensuring that illegals are treated properly.

After the expiration date of Title 42, Levin displayed a card featuring immigrant grandmothers as a way to show his moral authority. Levin praised the border influx, claiming it was proof that America must provide opportunities to those who are seeking a better future. Levin insulted Republican colleagues, claiming border security is being used for political purposes.

CBP must be given the resources to deal with the increasing number of asylum claims.

“My maternal grandmothers emigrated to the United States from Mexico to live the American Dream and provide a better future for their children and grandchildren. I believe we can achieve the same goal for future generations, while also securing our borders. That’s why I am fighting for it in Congress.”

Ben Petersen, the spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee is

It is a sign that Mike Levin’s brain has been deteriorating if he thinks it acceptable to evade Border Patrol. Southern Californians deserve better than Levin, who places the safety of their community above dangerous and illegal actions.

California GOP candidates ran weak campaigns against Levin both in 2020 and 2022. Marycott was a late entry in the 2022 contest, but she came close to beating Levin. Joe Biden helped Levin win at the last minute.

If opposing actions at the Southern Border is the winning strategy, this powerful political advertisement can help Wilkinson to be at the front of the pack.


San Diego County, Orange County, and the Southern Border are hotspots of illegal immigration now that Texas DPS is taking care of its part. California’s sanctuary state policy gives human traffickers and drug cartels a free hand.

According to a report by Cal Matters, between September 2023 and November 2023, U.S. Border agents dropped off 4,22,000 immigrants in San Diego County who did not have documents.

Esther Sanchez, Oceanside’s mayor. She stated that in September, approximately 100 illegal immigrants were arriving daily from San Clemente where they had been processed.

San Clemente, which is in Levin’s district, is a solidly red city. Levin won’t be popular with residents of San Clemente because they fought for the city to become a sanctuary of abortions. We spent a lovely day on the beach of La Jolla.

According to the U.S. Border Patrol, at least five migrants reached shore after a boat split in two off Sunset Cliffs Thursday morning.

According to OnScene.TV, San Diego lifeguards responded around 6 am after receiving a report of a boat that had broken up against the cliffs at Adair Street and Sunset Cliffs Boulevard.

No one was found in the water and a surveillance video showed people scrambling up the cliff and escaping, the video news service said.

The motorized boat could be seen overturned and smashing against the cliff walls.

In a second incident, in La Jolla about 90 minutes later, a large panga landed on the rocks at Windansea, OnScene reported, with up to 30 people seen leaving the boat. The group, including women and children, ran east to waiting vehicles on La Jolla Boulevard. The cars left the scene.

Levin could be in serious trouble if District 49 voters decide to take a stand on illegal immigration by March 5.